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Hi Rhio,

I have a question and concern. I've been 100% raw since after Christmas, and I'm feeling cold alot. . . . Of course, here in San Diego we're able to keep our heaters off or to a minimum. Is it normal to feel cold (hands & feet) when the sun is not out, Rhio? I have been making a fresh lemon tea to which I add some hot water to make it warmed and then I dump on the hot cayenne powder. Isn't it normal to feel chilled alot during the first few months of the sunfood diet? I eat moderate amounts of avocado, soft coconut spoon meat, durian once in awhile and red hot peppers, garlic and onion. Please write and tell me how raw food diet can correct poor circulation. I have always had this problem, Rhio. Thanks.

I have to tell you that I absolutely love yours and Leigh's many recipes in your new book.

Love and best wishes,


Dear MM,

Thank you for the kind words about my (& Leigh's) recipes.

It takes about two years (approximately) on the raw/live foods to get to where you will feel warm in your extremities. What you are experiencing is normal when coming off the SAD* diet (even though you had this problem before converting to raw). Your body will get lighter (less dense). The plaque in the arteries will start to come off. As a result, more blood can go through easier; more blood, more oxygen — better circulation. One month is just the beginning. Your body will go through many changes, but it is beautiful to experience.

One suggestion: Get a rebounder (mini trampoline). Needak is one good brand. This will help a lot with circulation. It will also get the lymph system moving like no other exercise can do. It helps the cells to cleanse themselves. White blood cell production is increased to assist in the cleansing. If you work at home, you can jump on it for 1-2 minutes each hour. If not, twice a day for as long as you have time (5 to 20 minutes per session) would be good. It would be great to have some rebouders scattered about the workplace. They help so much to keep people mentally alert (circulation to the brain). Some companies have experimented and found this to be true. (For workplace use or for the elderly, use the rebounder with the safety crossbar.)

Other suggestions:

Have a massage occasionally.

Walk on the sand at the beach barefoot.

Do Hatha Yoga and also breathing exercises. These increase the oxygen going to the cells.

Eat the "heavy" greens: collards, kale, swiss chard and/or wild leafy greens at least one serving a day.

Cold water treading: Put about a foot of cold water into the bathtub. Get in and walk in place for approx. 5 minutes. When you come out, dry the feet. Believe it or not, your feet will start to feel warm.

Hope these suggestions help.

Many blessings to you,


*Standard American Diet

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