Rhio is a leading proponent of the Raw and Living Food lifestyle. She provides information about health-related issues and raw and living foods through her lectures, radio show and website. Rhio is also the author of Hooked on Raw, a comprehensive 358-page book about the Raw and Living Food lifestyle. It has 32 chapters featuring 350 simple to gourmet live food recipes. The other half of the book deals with many pressing issues impacting our health, such as the irradiation of foods, genetic engineering of seeds/plants, and the extensive hybridization of seeds. Other topics covered are the value of organic foods, wild foods and fertile soil; the wonderful, rejuvenating effects of fasting; ideas on how to integrate into a Raw and Living Food lifestyle, and much, much more. Rhio’s memorable living food potluck dinners have been featured in the Los Angeles Times and in smaller papers across the country and in Canada. She has also appeared on American Journal and CNN to promote the Raw and Living Food lifestyle for optimum health.