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Leigh and I wish you all the very best that the New Year will bring. We hold a good thought that everyone can be open-minded, centered, peaceful, kind, happy, healthy, solvent, fulfilled and grateful for all blessings. So much love, Rhio and Leigh

  1. Jack the rooster adopted us last year
  2. The New Ab/Normal
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  4. Covid Detention Camps in Australia, first-hand account
  5. Seasonal Recipe: Raw Cranberry Sauce

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*Subversion refers to a process by which the values and principles of a system in place are contradicted or reversed in an attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority, hierarchy, and social norms. Wikipedia

  • Jack the rooster adopted us

One spectacular Summer day in 2020, a beautiful rooster appeared at the farm and adopted us. We named him Jack.  Jack was very special. He would follow me all around the garden where I was working, sit nearby and burrow into the soil as I later learned that roosters are inclined to do. This is called dust bathing and it helps keep the parasites away, later they shake themselves off and preen their feathers. Jack was teaching us all kinds of things we didn’t know before. Since there was no chicken coop, he would sit on one of the porch chairs in the evenings when it was time to retire. In the morning I would find a little gift, that I saved to enrich the garden soil. Jack would also follow our volunteers and my partner, Leigh around the farm too. He even enticed the chickens from our neighbors across the road to come over and visit for a while… until they went back home.

Because of Jack, Leigh decided to build a chicken coop, and we became the neighborhood vegans…  with chickens. Kind of hilarious, don’t you think? Fortunately, our volunteers and neighbors do enjoy the eggs with their rich, intensely orange/gold yolks, and our garden benefits from the eggshells which we dry and powder and spread around.

To find out what happened to Jack, listen to our Radio show. Click here.

  • The New Ab/normal

If we would understand biology we would realize that we are all living in a sea of bacteria, viruses1, and microorganisms. That is how it has always been, and NEEDS to be for life to exist. By humans intermingling with each other we build immunities that then protect us from pathogens, and accumulate with others, herd immunity. We co-exist with hundreds of thousands of viruses both in the air, in the environment and inside our bodies. Scientists estimate that the human body contains more foreign cells (bacteria, viruses, microorganisms) than our own body cells. We are more “other” that we are us.3

Cases of SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that reportedly causes Covid19) infection are being reported, but cases do not necessarily or automatically translate into sickness. From the beginning, the powers that be have not distinguished the “cases” as symptomatic or asymptomatic. So, for example, if 3000 cases are reported, how many of those are asymptomatic (no symptoms)? 90%, 95%, 99%?? And, those cases that are asymptomatic then, have the hosts developed either immunity or resistance to the virus? Or, is there not a sufficient amount of viral load to even make themselves sick? And if so, how can they make others sick? Why are these distinctions or questions not ever addressed by the MSM? Currently there is a lot of fear mongering going on around the newest mutation, Omicron. Omicron, however, produces very mild symptoms. Why are we being worked up into a dither about an infection that is tantamount to the common cold?

For the past two years, we have been made to feel that we, the healthy, whether asymptomatic or not are dangerous to others. According to NUMEROUS doctors, immunologists, virologists, researchers and scientists,4 this is false information. These professionals have a different perspective, and point of view, but their voices have been drowned out and censored from the Mainstream Media.

All the Mainstream Media… NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. are owned by only 5 or 6 companies, who all seem to be in lockstep with each other. They are putting out the very same Covid information 24/7, a steady stream of propaganda designed to instill fear in the population and, for the most part they have succeeded. Now, many of us it seems, fear and are suspicious of each other’s very presence.

Have you questioned whether the information being put out is erroneous?

Masks, do they protect us, or others, supposedly from us?

This I know. Masks prevent us from getting the full measure of oxygen we need to be healthy. We are also re-inhaling our own recycled bacteria and viruses and creating a cesspool of contamination continuously through mask usage, weakening our immune system and lungs. And what about co2? Doesn’t it need to be expelled as Nature intended? The effects of rebreathing co2 can bring on high blood pressure, headaches, muscle twitches, confusion, fatigue and more. It can lead to hypercapnia and is serious. Please look it up.

If you think a mask protects you and others from the virus, here is a simple test you can try that might dissuade you from the idea. Put on a mask. Spray some essential oil into the room, not directly into your mask. Do you smell the essential oil? The essential oil’s molecules are much larger than the virus’ molecules, which are minute, so if the essential oil is getting through the mask, what do you think is happening with the virus?

Washing our Hands when they are dirty or when preparing food is a good idea, but excessive hand washing depletes our own skin’s protective acid mantle and microbiome.

The Social Distancing idea…

First… this is the first time in history that we have quarantined the healthy. In the past, the sick, the elderly, weak and fragile are separated in a hospital, nursing home or other facility to treat them with special care until they, hopefully, recover.

2nd… what kind of life do governments expect people to live? They are promoting the idea of “the new normal”, when more accurately it’s the new ab/normal. I want to live the old normal where most people are compassionate towards each other, where there is a brotherhood and sisterhood who care and want to help each other, love each other and hug and embrace each other. Humans are social creatures, we will die without this contact, or even worse, become robotized.

What kind of compassion is it that separates people from their relatives when they are dying? By hospital rules? By government rules? F  ck those rules. When my loved ones decide to depart this planet, I want to be there to hold their hands, look into their eyes and say “I love you, goodbye for now, until we meet again.” You cannot do this from afar. No way. I want to be there, and I consider the separation of families when one of their members is dying to be EXTREME CRUELTY. Can it be considered a part of the “extreme and unusual punishment” prohibited by the 8th amendment? I think so. It is also emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically damaging to both the soon-to-be departed and the ones who stay behind. I cannot imagine the searing pain and anguish caused by this unconscionable restriction.

3rdContact Tracing is strongly reminiscent of the Nazi’s that tracked the Jewish community through using IBM’s precursor to the computer, punch-card system technology. It is also a violation of our 4th amendment right to feel “secure in our persons, houses, papers and effects.” How can I feel secure when I am being tracked or asked to collude in the tracking of others?

Instilling New Phrases and Ideas into our Conscious/Subconscious by 24/7 Constant Repetition

Shelter in place, stay at home, social distancing, no masks.. no admittance, flattening the curve, the new normal, quarantine, stay 6 feet apart, covidiot, moronaviruus, contact tracing, virtual happy hours, zoom conferencing/visiting, new world normal, let me see your papers, phase 1, phase 2, 1st wave,  2nd wave, and it goes on. And recently added to the list is 1st shot, 2nd shot, booster shot… we know where that is going, don’t we?

Stay at Home
Shelter in Place

The air inside of our homes can sometimes be stagnant and toxic. It certainly is much better to get outside in Nature and breathe deeply, get exercise, and even relax and read a book on a park bench. But, we are often chased off that park bench because we are “not exercising actively”, or we are not meeting some other criteria of the new “ab/normal.”

Imprisoned in our own homes, and mostly by convincing us. that we are a danger to others, the government is using our own innate kindness and compassion for others, against us.

Closing Beaches and Parks

Beaches and parks are where the oxygen is. Closing places where you can breathe deeply of fresh air is wrong. Wearing a mask where there is so much oxygen and negative ions goes against common sense.

The MSM also censors information by omission…

Whole food diets, elimination of processed foods, emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables.

 What MSM outlet is promoting the common sense approach of focusing on more whole foods, and fresh fruit and vegetable consumption to bolster our immune systems? I haven’t seen or heard any to date.

What about Vitamins and supplements A, C, D3, K2, zinc, quercetin, magnesium and other minerals… see reference #2 below for the importance of Vitamin D3 in infectious diseases.

What MSM outlet is allowing dissemination of vitamin and supplement information to boost our immunity? None.

 Intravenous Therapies…

 What MSM outlet is covering the use of intravenous Vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide, ozone? Exactly none.

Oxygen Implementation…

What MSM outlet is covering the effectiveness of hyperbaric chambers to increase oxygen uptake? None.

It seems 5G was “coincidentally” rolled out in many countries just as the virus hit. What MSM outlet is covering the dangers of 5G microwave radiation and its effects on the human body, animals, bugs and plants? None

Is the virus genetically engineered?

Yes, most probably it was GE in a biowarfare lab. Still, the numbers of Covid19 deaths fall far short of the projected “models” put out by Fauci and his ilk.

Are the numbers of dead reportedly due to Covid19 even accurate?

Are we even getting the correct numbers of dead due to Covid19? I don’t think so, and there are several reasons for this suspicion. First, if a Medicare patient comes into the hospital and is given a diagnosis of pneumonia, Medicare pays $4600. If Covid19 is added to the pneumonia diagnosis, then the hospital is paid $13,000, and if a patient is put on a ventilator, then the hospital receives $39,000. 5
If patients have private insurance, the fees paid may be even more.

When hospitals are in dire straits because

1) people are not wanting to come into the hospital for treatment.
2) They have been forced to cancel other treatments and surgeries.
3) They are being bankrupted.

What diagnosis will a hospital give, just to survive? But, that’s not ethical you say! Damn right it’s not, but is it happening?

For more information on Covid related issues, check my covid file at: www.hookedonraw.com/covid19


1 Viruses – lots of them – are falling from the sky, Science News, Feb. 6, 2018

2 Dr. John Campbell – Clarification of the importance of Vitamin D in infectious disease and why African Americans and Hispanics may be suffering and dying more than Caucasians from Covid19.

3 The Human Microbiome: Everything you need to know about the 39 trillion microbes that call our bodies home by Mun-Keat Looi – July 14, 2020, Science Focus, the home of BBC Science Focus Magazine.

4 www.hookedonraw.com/covid19

5 Fact check: Hospitals get paid more if patients listed as Covid-19, on ventilators – https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/04/24/fact-check-medicare-hospitals-paid-more-covid-19-patients-coronavirus/3000638001/

2 cups fresh cranberries, preferably organic
1/2 cup walnuts, soaked in filtered water for at least 1 hour and drained.
juice of 1 orange
1 orange, cut into little pieces
peel from 1/4 organic orange, finely grated
1-4 tbsp. raw honey (or other sweetener, of choice)

  • Put all ingredients into a food processor, and utilizing the “S” blade, blend well. Keeps for a few days in the refrigerator.

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