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My wife and I were invited to her bosses house for dinner. This was a very important “social/business” dinner for we both knew promotions and possible other benefits, if all went well, would soon follow. We are both meat eaters, in fact, we have wide tastes, and in our world travels, eaten lots of different foods with no bad results. Well, this dinner was spare ribs, but they didn’t look smoked, not fully cooked, just a little raw to both of us. Well. at the dinner, all went well, we mainly ate the salad and vegetables, but our questions to you is:

1) when was the last case of trichinosis (How do you spell it?) here in the US?
2) are we doomed to have picked up some parasite?

Waiting your reply


Dear Richard,

Social situations can be difficult particularly when your livelihood is concerned.

Had you been a vegetarian, it would have been easy enough to inform the host/hostess and then they would have understood when you just ate the salad and vegetables. (In my experience, people are usually tolerant, though they may be curious).

I don’t know when the last case of trichinosis was in the US. But, I can tell you that meat eating in general is not such a good idea. If you read Diet for a New America or see the video with John Robbins or read Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman, you will become informed on some of the possible consequences for the body and also for the environment. Even though you feel well now, meat eating causes acidity to accumulate in the body, and one day this acidity becomes so acute that it will manifest as a dis-ease.

Mad Cow Disease is a terrible disease that puts holes in your brain and it is already here, some researchers say masking as Alzheimers. Known as Cruedzfeldt Jakob Disease in humans, it is said to develop in farm animals when they are fed meat and/or meat from their own species thereby turning herbivorous animals into cannibals. When people eat the meat from infected animals, it in turn infects them.

I am not a practitioner of any kind so please accept the following ONLY as an exchange of ideas and information.

Since you are worried about this one incident and since you probably will continue to eat meat, a periodic cleanse might be worthwhile. I would undertake a juice fast for a few days to a week, and at the same time take some colonics. After the fast eat some raw pumpkin seeds and if you have parasites, they should come out.

With blessings and peace,


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