Compilation #2 – June 2002

This compilation consists of the following 3 parts:

1. Information from Rhio
2. Sharing from the Group
3. List of Rejuvenating Ideas to fill your 2 hours per day Pledge (some new ideas have been added to the list)

“What makes me so certain that the natural human
lifespan is far in excess of the actual one is this.
Among all my autopsies (and I have performed over 1000),
I have never seen a person who died of old age. In fact,
I do not think that anyone has ever died of old age yet.
We invariaby die because one vital part has worn out
too early in proportion to the rest of the body.”
– Dr. Hans Selye

1) Information from Rhio

Hi There Rejuvenators,

Did you think I forgot about you? No, I wouldn’t take on a project unless I intended to finish it. But, since the 1st compilation, a long held dream of mine broke through into reality and I have been busy with the earthly details. More about that later.

Last time we were discussing when is the best time of the day or night to reprogram your beliefs to be more in line with what your goals really are. When is the best time to practice a little self hypnosis on yourself? When are you most susceptible to accepting new suggestions, impressions and ideas into your subconscious mind? That opportunity comes each day in the few minutes just before you slip off to sleep. In those few minutes your body/mind slows down on its way to an “alpha” state. When you feel yourself slipping away, immediately focus on a very clear picture, image or visualization of your rejuvenated body. Even if you don’t get a clear image, hold the idea of it. You could also, in this pre-alpha state, give yourself positive suggestions or youth fulfilling affirmations. Don’t do this in such a way as to wake yourself up. You want to do it in an easy, gentle way. And this will be the last thought, image or affirmation that you carry off into your sleep state.

Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, has a great affirmation that I like “I’m beautiful and everybody loves me.” But choose phrases that resonate with you and place them in the present time frame. In other words, use phrases that affirm ideas as if they were already a reality. You are not lying to yourself when you do this. On some interior level your goals are already a reality. They are seedthoughts that, when held long enough and nurtured, bring you the results that you seek.

Seedthoughts, a word coined by Barbara Hoberman Levine, author of the book, Your Body Believes Every Word You Say, are ideas that we all hold that literally shape the course of our lives. If we are not happy with some aspect of our lives, then we have to search for, expose and change the “seedthoughts” that are creating that unwanted reality.

These core thoughts or beliefs can be very entrenched. Sometimes we can be surprised or even shocked that we have them. Take a look at Barbara’s book to get an idea of how to search them out, delete and replace them with more life fulfilling core beliefs.

For those that practice Hatha Yoga, during the relaxation phase of the practice, just when you slip away into a “wakeful” sleep is also another good time to imprint your new image or idea into the subconscious mind.

Now, I want to share about my dream which came into reality, because it kind of follows the course of what I’ve described above although in a slightly different way.

For many years, Leigh and I have dreamed of having a farm where we could work towards being self sufficient and get “off the grid”. But since we have a comfortable home and were involved with other projects, that dream was pushed into the background. Now that dream is a reality with 24 acres and a fixer upper house.

The acquisition of this property came very quickly after 9/11. In October, a friend sent Leigh a real estate paper from upstate New York. As Leigh was leafing through it, he came across a property with lots of acreage. We went to see it and while the land was beautiful, the house was gutted. But the most important thing for us was the land where we could plant fruit and nut orchards, berries, vegetables and every beautiful plant that we can find. The price was right – very right – but we had no down payment – not one cent. But somehow we felt so attracted to this place – like it was meant for us. So we started dreaming again in earnest. And we went back a few times and just drove around and around it – dreaming.

About two months later, Leigh got a call from a representative of Michael Jackson – yes, that Michael Jackson, the famous singer. Leigh has a song called “Nobody Beats the Biz” and Michael wanted to use a phrase from this song on his new album. This is called “sampling” and we were paid a good fee to use the phrase. Now we had approximately 1/3 of the down payment.

Back to the farm we went, driving around and around and dreaming. . .
We also called the broker and made an offer.

Another two months passed and Leigh got another call, this time from the representative of a lesser known rap artist who also wanted to use a phrase from Leigh’s song. Another negotiation and we had 3/4 of the down payment.

Well, that’s how it went and now we’re planting vegetables and dreaming about orchards.

Never let go of those dreams, they are the seeds of future realities.

Remember I had told you about the Indian Mahatma who had lived for 185 years and rejuvenated his body three times, growing new teeth, and regaining a youthful, flexible and wrinkle-free body. The book has a picture of him when he was 168. I wish I could put it through this email.

The following excerpt is from Maharaj, A Biography of Shriman Tapasviji Maharaj, A Mahatma Who Lived For 185 Years by T.S. Anantha Murthy, 1972. Revised American Edition, The Dawn Horse Press 1986. The excerpt is a description of the second Kaya Kalpa treatment that he took at the age of 150. The first treatment he took at the age of 100 was a 3 month treatment.

“The Saint lived happily in his hermitage for many years and grew to be nearly 150. In due course, he began to experience various symptoms of bodily debility. In addition to the general weakness of his limbs, his eyesight had again become dim and most of his teeth had decayed and fallen. He was partially deaf, and his hair had become wholly white or grey. His skin was black and wrinkled and his sallow face proclaimed his extreme old age. The Saint, therefore, decided to undergo the rejuvenation treatment that he had learned from the mahatma of Parashuramkund.

“As soon as he decided to undergo the kalpa treatment, all necessary help arrived by Shri Krishna’s Grace. The Saint needed two young and intelligent servants to prepare the medicine according to his directions as well as to administer it to him, and two such youths, named Haridas and Laldas, obtained his darshan at that time and agreed to live in the hermitage with him and render every necessary service during the kalpa treatment. He intended to take the medicine for 365 days in order to obtain the full benefit of the treatment, and for that purpose he required an underground cell. His wealthy devotees were glad to assist him. First they built a set of new rooms near the sweet-water well for the use of the attendants and then they built a commodious underground cell close by. Mayi cheerfully agreed to fetch fresh cow’s milk every day.

“Before beginning the treatment, the Saint instructed Haridas and Laldas, ‘My sons, on the appointed day, I will leave this hut and move to the new underground cell. I will keep the jar of medicine with me in the cell. You must see that no one comes near the cell on any account. After I enter the cell, close the door and lock it from the outside and keep the key safely on your person. I will fasten the bolt from the inside and lie down on my bed where I will be either sleeping or in meditation, and so no one should disturb me except at stated hours. Open the door every morning at daybreak and enter the cell with a vessel of fresh cow’s milk, leaving it and a measured quantity of medicine by me. Take care that no one else accompanies you when you visit me at daybreak, not even Mayi.’

“When Haridas and Laldas had understood these and other necessary directions, and when the chosen day arrived, the Saint left his mud hut and entered the cell. It had no windows or skylight and would be faintly lit only when the door was opened at dawn. It would otherwise be completely dark, and the Saint felt that the cell served his purpose admirably.

“Haidas and Laldas followed the strict daily routine described by the Saint for a year, living quietly in their rooms and allowing no one to approach or even speak in the vicinity of the cell. The Saint spent his time either in sleep (which he could enter at will), in meditation, or in repeating a mantra. . . At last, the final dose of medicine was taken on the 365th day and the Saint told his attendants that he would give darshan to all his devotees the next day. . .

“The next day, Haridas and Laldas opened the door of the cell and prostrated to the Saint, who was standing to receive them, beaming with happiness. His broad, full face proclaimed his regained youth. His skin was rosy and shining with not even the vestige of a wrinkle from head to foot. All the joints of his old body had become supple and strong and his grey hairs had all turned black. His eyesight had become powerful, his deafness had disappeared, and a new set of teeth had grown in. He felt that he had regained the stamina and physique of a young man of thirty years. Even Haridas and Laldas, who had been privileged to see him day after day, were amazed at their Master’s tall, muscular body when he gave them darshan that morning. . .

“Four days after the treatment had been formally terminated, a devotee named Jayaval Singh came and obtained the Saint’s darshan. Jayaval Singh was wealthy and had served the Saint in various ways. He, too, was astonished to behold the youthful face and features of his Guru, and he prostrated to the Master and said, ‘Maharaj, this kalpa treatment baffles my understanding. If a stranger saw you today, he would say that you were only thirty years old. . . No ordinary man can stay in a dark cell for a year in sleep or meditation. I think that the success of your treatment is the combined result of the medicine and the power of your tapas.”

In the description of the Saint’s first kaya kalpa treatment, the “medicine” was described as various herbs, but no name was given to them. I had to cut down the previous paragraphs a little, but from what is missing above, it is clear that the “Saint” as he was called, believed that the herbs and other kalpa conditions were secondary – and he attributed the rejuvenation, for the most part, to Shri Krishna. He seemed to want to be rejuvenated only to be able to continue his spiritual practices.

One thing I note is how similar the “cell” where he spent his time is to a womb. It was dark. It was quiet and secluded with minimum disturbance. He seems to only have consumed raw milk and herbs. He seems to have slept a lot with the balance of time spent in meditation and repeating mantras.

Another thing I noted from other parts of the book is that when he was not undergoing kaya kalpa his followers would prepare boiled milk, cooked vegetables and chapati for his meals.

2) Sharing from the Group

Letter #1 – In a message dated 4/10/02 7:16:07 AM, Alison writes:

Dear Rhio:

Thank you so much for this project– it’s great. I’m writing because you mentioned ordering a sauna, and I have learned that there is a big difference between the standard cedar sauna that we know from health clubs, and infra-red saunas which detoxify in a whole different way, are made with less carcinogenic woods and eliminate mercury from the body. So I hope you are getting one of those, and if not, I’ll get you contact info on where to find one.

Secondly, my husband and I had our mercury out two years ago and have been detoxifying from it since. It’s important for rejuvenators to know that it’s essential to do that process correctly. This would include the choice of dentist and protocol, as well as the best detox mode. I’ve been working with a European biological doctor who is an expert in the latter. This can’t be undertaken casually.


Dear Alison,

I wish I could get a sauna. That was Alan, one of the group who shared what he was doing for his own renewal. If you want to let him know about the sauna his email is there at the end of his letter. (If you no longer have the email it is posted on my website – go to Hotlines Section and press link for Rejuvenation Project.) But I would also like the information so that I may know the differences to pass it along to others.

Alan is also the one who has taken out his mercury. I don’t have any – thank goodness. But I would also love to receive the information to share with others. I have a friend who recently took out his mercury and he became very sick. I would like to pass your valuable information along to him.


Letter #2: In a message dated 2/23/02 9:23:51 PM, writes:

HI Rhio

How many young cocos are you using a day. Do you open them yourself. Recently I for the first time tried some Thai cocos and they make these FL ones seem like junk, really! You need to try some imported Thai cocos. I can get the green young ones here for a dollar each and I get about 20 or so at a time. There are coco trees every where here and with a little effort can get them for free. Im now reading a very good book called Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill. {by Udo Erasmas} Highly recommended.

The Island in Thailand that that rejuv center is at is a coco island where they harvest 2 million cocos a month.


Dear Alan,

For fasting purposes I prefer the Green or Yellow Water coconuts (sometimes called husk coconuts) that I think you are referring to. (Easily gotten in Florida) They are more like water and don’t have a sweet sugar taste unless they are old. With these types of coconuts I just open them and drink them like water, so I could use three, four, five a day. I open them myself with a big watermelon knife, I slice a piece off the side (not the end part like they do in Florida) and once I have that slice off, I just punch through it with a smaller knife and cut a hole. It is soft enough to do that.

This only works when they are young and fresh. If they are too old then you cannot slice them on the side, they get too tough to do that. I don’t agree that they are junk. I think they are superior to the Thai coconuts for the water is very refreshing and excellent for the kidneys. And you can fast on them, very similar to a regular water fast, but I think better because the minerals in them keep your body balanced. At least that has been my experience.

I have had the Thai coconuts, of course, but for fasting purposes find that they have too much sugar.

Please tell me about this island in Thailand where they have a rejuvenation center. I haven’t heard of it. Have you been there?

Yes, I read that book, it is very good.

In friendship,


Letter #3: Oh Rhio this idea to have rejuv list it so great. You couldnt have done anything better. Im about to leave for a raw dinner down in miami tonight and everglades tomorrow so I dont have time to write now but count me in on this 10 years younger in a year. I love going back in age and have allready been successfull at it. How old do you think I am now LOL : )

Tomorrow night I can email you on this idea. I had my own plan already started. Look at Anette Larkins I’ve met her in person and may see her again tonight. She’s 60 but like a barbie doll.

Alan, Hobe Sound Fl

Letter #4: In your letter, you speak of a doctor who retired who got such good results. Did you mean Dr. Samuel Mandel? Is his son not as good? I had the peel 15 years ago to deal with acne scars and was hoping to get another one in a few years.

Response from Rhio: I know that Dr. Mandel’s work was superb. Through the grapevine I have heard that his son is not up to those standards. I do not have any direct knowledge though, so it bears more investigation.

Letter #5: Hi Rhio, Id like to join you in your rejuvenation project and share ideas and progress with all others on this path.

About 7 years ago I joined Self Realization Fellowship and practice their techniques of meditation daily. This has been the number one aid in regaining my health through many years of chronic illness. Helping to unlock the mysteries of my self led me a year and a half ago to take the leap to raw vegan foods, even though I had tried macrobiotics and Ayurvedic food along with juicing and could not clear up my anemia, asthma, muscle wasting, depression, and irritable bowel.

Raw foods have been the most rewarding experience but the following add-ons have improved my health greatly!

1) Buy a home colonic machine or get an enema bucket. After an initial 6 sessions, try once a month.
2) High quality probiotic like Natrens Healthy Trinity taken daily
3) Use vegetarian enzymes even with raw plant foods to help lessen the work your body is doing
4) Buy a Harasch Crock and make homemade sauerkraut and eat some with each meal. It improves digestion and maybe a whole lot more.
5) Check out Flannagan’s Microhydrin, it’s said to improve blood prior to Live Blood Cell Analysis.
6) Drink Distilled water daily and at least 32 ounces of green juice through out the day. Fast on green juice once a week.
7) Drink sprouted nut and seed milk regularly
8) Take a green grass powder or sea algae between meals to insure additional trace minerals.
9) Exercise at least 3 times a week, sing in a group or alone in your car, Read all the spiritual and uplifting books you can since you’ve unplugged the TV except for watching raw food videos, surround yourself with raw food friends.
10) Join a meditation group and realize that you have the power to become what you imagine. Love yourself and share that Love with all creatures.

These are all the extras that I have added since attending Ann Wigmore Foundation 1/12 years ago but the core to this lifestyle still remains sharing your love and the raw vegan diet. Bless you Rhio and the great effort you put into this work.


Dear Rich,

Thanks for sharing this information, it’s great. About the only thing I disagree with here is part of #6 – Drink Distilled water. I do not believe that distilled water is the way to go because it is a completely dead water with no minerals in it at all. Perhaps if it was restructured with some minerals. But I think there are better waters. Distilled water also draws minerals to it because it wants to restructure itself, but this attraction removes minerals from your body. (If you soak pitted olives in distilled water overnight – the salt will go from the olives to the water – this is an example of how it attracts minerals to itself.)

For me the most advantageous water to drink is the kind the Hunza’s had where the glacial water came down from the mountains over rocks and picked up mineral electrolytes. This water was alive. So the challenge is how do we produce this type of water for our consumption? I’m in the middle of research on this. But my suggestion for the moment is put water through a few good undersink filters – pre filter, carbon block, separate filter to remove fluoride, ultraviolet light and then restructure by sitting the bottle of water that you are going to drink on the north side of a magnet. There are also some products for sale that are said to restructure the water. There will be more on water in a future compilation.


Letter #6: as a practitioner of vegetarianism, and making raw food a large part of my diet, I have been told that I look very young for my age (I’m 35). I would love to join you in your endevour, to go 100% raw (as has been my leaning the past year). I do get lots of sleep, and do find it beneficial. My main interest of enhancement is creative visualization/meditation to assist my body in this process.

I don’t know about applying anything on the outside of my body, since the skin is not real effective at absorbing nutrients (besides sunlight for vitamin production), being mainly a vehicle for the removal of dead and/or decaying matter. But, what do I know. Thanks for the offer.

wah Salaam Alekum!

scott kender

Letter #7: In a message dated 1/30/02 2:25:34 PM, writes:


Hi How are you? A quick hello today. I am with you on the age reversal. I don’t know if I can handle the sleep part, yet know it is important. I’m good with about 4 hours. Anymore seems to make me sluggish through the day. When I fast my energy is amazing. I just finished 40 days on water at the end of the year. I loved it. Doing about 5 days of it again now. I love the clarity, physically and mentally. I may be in NY about May 2. Would love to connect. Will be in touch. Thanks for all you do !!

Peace and Balance,

Stacie Cohen
Ripe and Raw
2909 SE 77th Ave.
Portland, OR 97206,
USA 503-771-5605

Dear Stacie,

Call me when you’re in NY.

Wow – 40 days on water. Just water? What kind of water? Anything else? Any minerals?

I’ve been able to do about 20 days on coconut water. Not the Thai coconut water — too sweet — but the Green Water coconut – which is a very clear water – not sweet.

I always get even greater energy while fasting and also get very creative. A funny thing happens – when I fast is when I want to create food recipes and then of course I can’t taste them but very good ones seem to come then. So Leigh tastes them and then after the fast, I make them again and get to taste them. Funny, huh?

A naturopathic doctor told me that I should take colloidal minerals while fasting though because I’ve done a lot of fasting and he says that it’s safer with the minerals. Just thought I’d pass that along, since you seem to fast periodically too.

I also don’t need a lot of sleep – 5 hours – but for the sake of my project I’m going to add more for the next year. But it’s not easy, my body wakes up before time, so am taking some valerian (when necessary) or other herbals to try to keep me asleep longer. Also, I’m putting in wooden venetian blinds to block out the light. Sometimes the light will wake you up.

In friendship,


Letter #8: from:

Sauna Report

About a month or so ago I got an in home sauna for detoxing and rejuvenation and it has so far filled its purpose beyond expectations. My sauna is made by a company called Heavenly Heat and they seem to be the only ones that make saunas with mostly glass as an option and white poplar wood as standard. I am following a clinical detox protocol for using a sauna that goes like this:

1. take 100 to 200 mg of niacin, this is to give you a niacin flush which dilates all of the small capillaries and allows toxins to be brought to the surface
2. exercise for 30 minutes so that you start to sweat (note from Rhio: I think this suggestion would be to exercise before getting into the sauna)
3. In a glass of water mix in 1 tsp of tri-salts (a mixture to keep you alkaline as acidic toxins come out) drink this just before going in the sauna
4. take one magnesium capsule along with the tri-salts
5. Make 1 to 2 quarts of electrolyte drink to bring in the sauna to drink while you are in the sauna
6. My sauna has an electric sauna heater with rocks, and although they can be used with water dripped on them to create steam, I’m using it strictly as a dry heat sauna. In steam you will feel hotter but sweat less I try to stay in for 30 minutes but if not able to I get out, take a warm shower, and get back in to make up the balance for 30 minutes. The sauna on high runs at 150 to 160 degrees and that’s the temp I use it at. After the sauna I get a warm shower then cold. When I get out I also dry brush massage.
7. The first 3 times I used the sauna, black sweat came out and left black spots on the towels I was sitting on.
8. I do this every single day as time permits and it’s beginning to make me feel the best ever.

balanced raw diet

First thing in the morning I drink a quart or more of distilled water with msm and vit c added. First thing I eat is fruit At lunch I have either a salad or blended green drink, with flax oil more fruit until dinner if hungry A huge salad for dinner, with soaked nuts or seeds,

staple foods

broccoli, celery, garlic, onions, cucumbers, beets, carrots, bell peppers, fresh home grown herbs, tomatoes, cabbage, kelp, dulse, romaine seeds flax, pumpkin, unhulled sesame,sunflower, hemp


be careful of eating too much

essential fatty acids

we need w3 and w6 efas for good health. The problem is only a few things have them in high quantity. The best overall source is hemp seeds, If you cant find those then Udo oils or a combo of flax, pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seeds will do. These are the only oils you absolutely need. If you haven’t been using these at all then it takes months to rebuild your stores and replaces the bad fats like 2 tbls of flax oil a day for a year. I’m now using flax oil and Udo oils. A must read book is Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill by Udo Erasmus.


eat in such a way to always be alkaline. Sapoty Brooks has a great chart, book and video to help you do that.

Ok on the count of 3

1…….2…….3………rawjuvenate everybody LOL : )


From Rhio: Thank you all for sharing.

3) A variety of things could be done in our special 2 hours per day devoted to our renewal. Explore the following possibilities:

*hatha yoga
*deep relaxation
*deep breathing exercises
*other types of exercise
*Russian baths
*cold showers
*body massage
*lymphatic massage
*castor oil packs
*seaweed wraps
*mineral wraps
*fast walking (jogging is not suggested because it is hard on the joints and also on the muscles of the face)
*walking in natural environments (beach, wilderness, forest, park, etc)
*walking barefoot on grass or sand
*weight training
*mini trampoline
*jump rope on mini trampoline (lots of fun). Do only if you feel confident about it.
*body brushing with plant fiber brush (this brush is kind of rough and you have to get used to it – five minutes of dry brushing the whole body twice a day helps to get the lymph fluid moving, helps the nerves and cleans and tones the skin)
*aligning chakras with sound
*swimming (if you live by a clean ocean)
*swimming (in a non-chlorinated pool)
*any kind of sport that you enjoy
*thinking about and exploring activities that bring you joy and happiness
*moderate sunbathing (expose the whole body if possible)
*micro-current facials
*facial acupuncture
*facial magnets
*face mask
*splashing ice cold water on the face and neck (use thick rubber gloves – the idea is to freeze your face, not your hands)
*gentle facial stroking for relaxation and smoothing skin (put an oil on the skin first so that your fingers just lightly slide over it in upward strokes, without tugging. The strokes should be as light as a feather.)
*energy work
*relax in bed while listening to inspiring tapes, etc.
*ear coning or candling
*The Five Rites (5 special yoga exercises said to reverse aging)
*cold sheet wraps
*activities that cause laughter
*juice fasting
*green coconut water fasting
*don’t forget just snuggling with your partner often. (Good suggestion from Che’usa)
New suggestions:
*enema, followed by wheatgrass implant
*dancing, singing, rowing (Dancing, singing, rowing, all are aerobic, and the singing tones the neck muscles. Good suggestion from Raw Ma)
*sweat lodge
*sharing stories or listening to stories (I remember doing this as a child with my father – he used to tell me stories about his earlier life. Adventures that he had had and he also told me about relatives that I have never met. (They were in Hungary) Listening to stories is very powerful and to this day the times spent listening to my father are some of the most beautiful memories that I have – always brings me comfort)
*walking barefoot on the sand at the beach
*burying yourself (except your head of course) in the sand at the beach
*walking barefoot in the grass (non-chemically treated grass)
*lie in a hammock under a tree
*lie on the grass and watch the clouds float by
*walk in the woods
*help someone else or give assistance to someone in need (this brings peace, fulfillment and satisfaction)

(other suggestions welcome – we will add to the list each time)

If you know of someone who would like to be a part of the Rejuvenation Project, please have them send me an Email with “join 1 year rejuvenation project” in the subject line. My Email is:

If you would like to be removed from this elist please reply with REMOVE in the subject line. Thank you.

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