Living Foods: Fad or Lifestyle?

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January/February 2003

Living Foods: Fad or Lifestyle
by Lillian R. Butler

First of all let me clarify that Living Foods are not raw foods. The average person cannot digest raw foods, due to the severe digestive and assimilation problems that exist. Raw foods such as hard root vegetables, tough fibrous vegetables and unsprouted nuts, seeds and grains are indigestible. Living Foods incorporates these foods through special preparations such as sprouting (seeds, nuts, grains), fermentation and blending for easy digestion. These preparations are called pre-digested foods because the starches, fats and proteins in foods are broken into their simpler compounds and are easily assimilated by the body with a minimum of digestive effort. Living foods consist of organic fruits and vegetables, sprouts, fermented preparations such as Rejuvelac, (a fermented drink made from sprouted wheat berries) blended foods such a s shakes, smoothies and soups, and dehydrated foods such as crackers, loafs and breads. All foods are prepared without cooking.

You must be asking yourself, why would anyone want to eat uncooked food? I’ll tell you why: for health benefits. You see, all raw foods are loaded with enzymes. Our bodies need the enzymes to properly digest food by breaking it down into usable units-protein into amino acids, starches into simple sugars and fats into fatty acids. Temperatures above 118° F destroy the enzymes in food. So when we eat cooked food, not only do we lose some of the vitamins and minerals, but we also lose all of the enzymes. Consequently our bodies have difficulty digesting food and assimilating what little nutrients it receives from the food we eat. This is why so many of us suffer from indigestion, constipation and malnutrition. When our bodies are nutrient deficient, we are continuously hungry and will overeat to fill the void.

This void can be filled with enzyme-rich, easy-to-digest living food, which is needed to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the blood and nourish the cells. The effort and time required to plan, sprout and prepare live food will definitely change your life. However, the rewards are well worth the time ad effort and they are many, i.e., better digestion and assimilation, weight loss, clear skin, positive attitude and improved health.

Webster’s New Explorer Dictionary defines fad as a practice of interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal. Fads are “followed for a time,” they come and go. A lifestyle is defined as a way of living. It is permanent. Don’t let the zeal surrounding living foods fool you. This is not a fad diet. It is not a diet at all. It requires way too much work to be a fad diet. Let me explain. In order to successfully implement the Living Foods Lifestyle™ you must first accept responsibility for your own health. That requires a commitment to gaining knowledge and a continuous effort to honor that commitment.

In order to acquire knowledge, there are several options available: 1) conducting research by reading books, magazines, periodicals on the subject; 2) talking to as many people as possible who have knowledge and experience with living foods; 3) visiting one of the many institutions designed to teach you the Living Foods Lifestyle™, and 4) taking a class or workshop, such as the Living Foods Workshop, also designed to teach you the Lifestyle. After gaining sufficient knowledge, you are ready to begin implementing the Lifestyle.

Where do you start? First you must have the right equipment. Even if you decide to start slowly and gradually adding more elements of the Lifestyle, you will still need to purchase some equipment. If you decided to start drinking fresh wheat grass juice everyday, you will either need to purchase a wheat grass juicer and wheat grass trays or buy a shot or two from a juice bar that juices it for you. Hopefully your research and education has included where to purchase equipment in your area. Otherwise, you will have to do a little more research.

With that accomplished you move on to sprouting. It is much simpler to get the equipment. You purchase a sprouting jar or bag from your local health food store, as well as some seeds and grains. First you must soak the seed and grains in water overnight and sprout them for several days. Now you’ve sprouted your grain, and perhaps wish to make Rejuvelac. To do so, you will need to crack the sprouted wheat in a blender with water, pour the mixture into a gallon jar and fill it with more water. Then, you must let it ferment for 24 to 36 hours. Or perhaps you wish to make a loaf. To do so, you will have to take the grains you have sprouted, add vegetables and seasonings and blend them together and dehydrate your loaf for a day or so. The sprouting of seeds and grains and purchasing or growing of wheat grass is constant in order to maintain the lifestyle

I go into such detail to demonstrate to you that choosing living foods is not to be taken lightly. It does require a great deal of time and effort, particularly getting started. However, like anything else, with time it gets easier. Health benefits aside, I cannot describe to you the joy I get from watching a seed germinate, double in its size and grow a tail. It’s like watching grass grow.

Living this way is nothing new. This approach to eating began in ancient times and still remains today. We must bet back to living in harmony with nature. I began eating this way because of digestive difficulties I was having. It has definitely become a lifestyle and has drastically changed my life in ways that I never dreamed. It’s more than just looking and feeling great. I am at peace with myself and everyone else. My life is filled with truth and love. My future is filled with unlimited possibilities. I have a choice of many paths and they are all the right one. Life is beautiful, don’t miss out on your dreams and aspirations because you are afraid to take a risk. Let fear be a positive motivator in your life and you will discover that you can live the life you dream.

Approach this Lifestyle with an open mind and determined spirit and you will reap unlimited benefits and ultimately vibrant health, vitality and overwhelming happiness and joy.

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