Eggshells by Mitchell Cohen

Worried about middle age creeping up on you unawares, like a burp?

Concerned over those lonely nights, growing old lonely, always be lonely, and the lovers are no cure at all?

Well, now you can drown those Ponce DeLeonic delusions in the fountain of freewheelin’ ageless eternal youth, exuberant youth (and don’t forget to take the garbage out after dinner).

Yes folks, there are two cures: THEIRS and OURS. Theirs, unfortunately, is terminal. It keeps you locked into this time/space coordinate until your body sprouts mutated dandelions following the nuclear holocaust in which you played your pathetic part. Ours is the alternative — RESIST! Protest the draft. Resist the coming war. Protest keeps you young forever.

Enjoy your life! Live meaningfully. Sling a slogan against the old grizzled prunes who’d send you off to die for Exxon’s profits. Kick in their offices, schools, churches, and homes — if your life ain’t sacred to them, then their property ain’t sacred to you! It’s a double-deal and you’ve got the ace in the hole — Youth, that springs eternal from collective power. Sabotage is the name of the game. Sabotage means never having to say you’re sorry.

You are radical; you are commie; you are queer; you are woman; you are nigger; you are jew; we are everything they say we are, and we’re very proud of ourselves. You are young, and they can never take it back. They’ve already spent their own youth withering away like rotted potatoes in corporate offices, twisting dreams in their bare hands, and who, disguised as Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Corporate Zombie fights a never ending battle against boredom, meaninglessness and lack of community that is the American way. They’ve wasted their youth chasing the holy dollar only to find its truth could be bought for a price, any truth at any price, a wide assortment, half-price for the disgusting little kiddies. Truth! Never in the history of prevarication have so few lied to so many so effectively!

You have your youth to uphold. Never “wait til you grow up.” Grow younger, always younger! Refuse to bow before the chimeras of fashionable society, resist their brainwashing, storm the barricades without and within, until the world is our womb, warm and nourishing, fulfilling, and we curl up with each other and make sweet love all night.

The power of our love will arm itself, overthrow the exploiters and oppressors, and into our new Eden we shall blaze, orange sparks sizzling our collective aura, fueling the entire world.

For a world beyond private profit. For a world in which people act out of love. For a world where youth yings eternal and Peace, not Time, is of the Essence. For a world in which diatribes like this Need not be written. Resist!

MITCHEL COHEN is co-founder of the No Spray Coalition, and a member of the Brooklyn Greens/Green Party of NY, Art-Rage, Direct Action Network to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier, NERAGE (North-East Resistance Against Genetic Engineering), and many other environmental and social justice groups.

by permission by author.

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