About Rhio

Rhio is a singer and author, as well as an investigative reporter in the area of health and environmental issues. Her best-selling book Hooked on Raw is about living a life more closely aligned with Nature by adopting a raw/live food lifestyle. CNN and American Journal aired stories on raw foods featuring Rhio. She is considered an expert in the area of raw and living foods and lectures on both the raw/live food lifestyle and the genetic engineering of seeds/plants.

Her new DVD, What’s NOT Cookin’ in Rhio’s Kitchen, Vol. 1, is available now, with Volumes 2 & 3 due out in 2012. A song album entitled I’m Just a City Girl Transplanted in the Country featuring raw food songs and environmental themes with 10 original songs written by her partner, Leigh Crizoe, is also due out in 2012.

Rhio’s website: www.rawfoodinfo.com provides extensive information on the raw/live food lifestyle, as well as organic agriculture, environmental, human rights, civil rights, globalization and economic justice issues.

Rhio and her partner Leigh, are also fledgling biodynamic, permaculture, eco-farmers in Upstate New York with a focus on growing edible wild foods, heirloom vegetables, leafy greens and lettuces, fruit, berries and nuts.

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