You May Not Realize It, But…

December 6, 2001

Dear Rhio,

Thank you for your prompt reply to Victoria's forward. I'm extremely gratified to have the contact. I've noted your signature on a couple of important, widely circulated e-notes in the last few months having to do with anti-GMO activity and Green politics.

Your book of course is well known both to my wife Gabrielle and to myself. You may not realize it, but you kindly donated a copy to the library of our small spiritual community last spring in response to an appeal made by Habib Bailey, and then we bought our own household copy from Victoria when we were down at the Boutenko homestead last August.

The very first raw-gourmet recipe Gabrielle ever followed came from that first donated copy, and I am making a variation of your Chile Non-Carne recipe tomorrow night for our raw-food pot-luck, since there will be a couple of neophytes at the table and I want to show off.

At least two other households have benefited substantially from Hooked on Raw's presence in the Christ the Healer library already. Certainly many others will receive good from it as well.

In Light and Love,


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