You Did a Great Job With It

November 8, 2000

Hi Rhio
I bought two of your new cookbooks through David Wolfe and they are terrific. You did a great job with it. You have written a great introduction (including some new info – and I have read several books around this subject) and provided so many fun recipes. I am currently taking lessons with Elaine Nigro in San Francisco and will be attending Cherie's Living Arts School for a holiday course in a couple of weeks. I even went to Karyn's Fresn Corner when I was in Chicago last week. It is all becoming easier and easier each month!

I have been eating living foods for about 5 months and have been desperate to find new recipes. I also want my cooking skills to catch up with my knowledge. So your book really helped. Thank you.

Question: In your cookbook you have a chart of sprouting and soaking times for nuts and seeds. If I want to sprout something, how do I figure out the length of time? Do I soak the nut/seed for the specified soaking time and then sprout for the specified sprouting time? OR does the sprouting time include the soaking time? I am confused. . .

I would love to be added to your mailing list with information about upcoming events-cooking or otherwise.

Thanks again for a wonderful and thoughtful book,

Carolyn Davis
San Francisco

Dear Carolyn,

Thank you for the compliments on my book. It makes me feel good!

To clear up the confusion. . . the soaking time is separate from the sprouting time. In other words, you soak for the specified amount of time and then you sprout for the specified amount of time. But also be aware that the sprouting time is a variable. It depends on what area of the country you are in and what the temperature is like. In New York it takes longer to sprout something in the winter months than it does in the summer. So a seed that might take 1 or 2 days to sprout in the summer might take twice that time in the winter.

I've added you to the mailing list.

Happy raw eating,


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