Why Exercise?

"You have to work out. I don't care if you are in a wheelchair, you have to do something every day. There are many reasons for this. We are just going to cover a few. You have 15 pints of blood and a huge pump to pump it all through your body. You have 45 pints of lymphatic fluids and no pump to move it through your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system removes cellular waste from your body. But if the lymphatic fluid doesn't move then it just sits in your body like a stagnant swamp. The way the lymphatic fluid moves is through a system of one way valves. When you exercise, the muscles contract around the lymphatic veins. The lymph is moved up through the system of one way valves until it reaches the lungs where toxins are then dispelled through the lungs. Exercise is the only way to expel these toxins from the body! If you don't exercise you are like a much-used toilet that never gets flushed. Literally".

~Storm (AKA Sergeant Boo-Yow)


In Health,

Jinjee and Storm
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