Why Do We Care If Juice Has Enzymes?

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Here's a question that's been running through my mind…

If enzymes are all about digestion and breaking DOWN foods so they can become more "liquid" so that they can be absorbed…

WHY do we care if juice has enzymes or not? I remember reading in the Enzyme Nutrition book that enzymes cannot be ADDED to your body's enzyme bank.. So that rules out that reason…

So I am a bit confused, if juice is already liquid, why would it need enzymes for digestion…

Same thing with maple syrup, I am thinking, it's not like some complex substance that needs to be broken down….. So the fact that it isn't "RAW" seems to be less important to me… But maybe you have a different insight on this?


Dear Patrick,

All body systems function as a result of the work of enzymes, it's not just the break down and digestion of foods part. When you think a thought – that is a function of an enzyme reaction. When a nutrient is absorbed into the bloodstream and from there into the cellular structures – those are functions of enzyme reactions.

If the only important thing in juice is that it is liquid, then any old juice would do. Then canned juice would do, but we know that it DOESN'T DO much of anything positive. And that is because – aside from the vitamins and minerals being damaged, diminished and disorganized through processing and heat, etc. – the enzymes are missing. All the Institutes that teach the raw lifestyle get their seemingly miraculous results because of enzymes being retained in the food and juices.

I am not at all convinced that enzymes cannot be added to the body's enzyme pool. A lot more research has to be done on this. Somebody has to take up where Dr. Edward Howell left off. The visibly rejuvenating effects of fasting on either green coconut water or fruit and vegetable juices proves to me that something beneficial is happening with the enzymes in the body, because you look so much younger after a fast. If enzymes are depleted over time and no new ones ever added, then, it seems to me, you wouldn't be able to have this age reversal happen. Perhaps rejuvenation occurs just as a result of the removal of huge amounts of toxins from the system, but I do feel it also has something to do with maintaining a high enzymatic activity in the body.

I know it's hard to give up your maple syrup, and maybe you shouldn't just yet. Read, learn more, listen to what I say, listen to what others say and make your own decisions. See, we need more actively thinking raw food enthusiasts, as opposed to those that just say – "well Rhio says. . ." and then do what I say. Don't follow the leader, think for yourself. Aren't you the one that had the simple thought of putting a thermometer into the Excalibur? Duh! None of us thought of that. We need you.

When we are all actively thinking then we can get so much further. We can figure out so much more.

In friendship,


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