Why do I Crave Raw Potatoes?

In a message dated 4/11/02 11:50:18 AM, Grace writes:

I read your article and found it interesting..I was wondering if you could tell me why I am craving and eating raw potatoes.. I can't get enough of them….I eat the red new potatoes…raw with olive oil and herbamare sea salt herb condiment…what is my body tryinng to tell me? Thanks..just curious..


Dear Grace,

Probably there is some nutrient in the potatoes that your body needs and you will continue to have the cravings until the need is satisfied. I always follow through on what my body asks, as long as it is raw.

Let me tell you a true story. My sweetheart's father, who was on the standard American Diet of processed foods, developed cancer of the skin. (Unfortunately he never took my counsel of changing his diet.) He had an operation and the doctors removed the cancer from his face but it left a hole in his cheek. After he came home he started getting cravings for eating apples – he would eat them by the case. Over a short period of time the hole in his face filled in and his face looked normal. I wish I could tell you that that wonderful occurrence convinced him to give Nature's way a try, but it did not. Nevertheless, this is a true example of the power and simplicity of Nature.

With blessings and peace,


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