Why Am I Bloated All the Time Since I Have Been on Raw Food?

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I am in good physical shape, a vegetarian, but thought I would go to a raw way of eating. I researched it and found out some very positive information. But… why is it that I am bloated all the time since I have been on a raw food regimen? I have always had a flat stomach, but not since going raw. I chew my food slowly, and don't eat exorbitant amounts. I only eat fresh, organic fruits, fresh and dried, and vegetables, and some nuts.

It's really got me bugged; I thought I would feel better.

Thank you and I await your response.


Dear Paulette,

How long have you been on raw food? How much of the dried fruit do you eat? Do you soak the nuts before eating?

With blessings,


Hi Rhio,

Thank you so much for responding…I have been on raw foods for only a short while (couple months) I tried cutting out my dried fruits for one day and did not have the bloat… I also found out that you're not supposed to eat nuts and dried fruit together, that was my first mistake…and no, I do not soak the nuts, should I?

love & light,


Dear Paulette,

First, let me say that I am not a practitioner of any kind, so please accept the following only as an exchange of ideas and information.

Since you are only into it a couple of months, you may be experiencing the effects of the changeover, as the body gets adjusted to the new type of food. Also be aware that there may be some detox effects too, but I'm not convinced that this bloat is one of them… but it could be.

If you cut out the dried fruits and the bloat abated – that might be the answer to your problem right there. Many dried fruits are not really raw because they have been dried at high temperatures, and it's hard to get a straight answer from the suppliers as to what temperature their fruit was dried. Believe me, I've tried. The exception would be sun-dried fruits. But I would just cut out the dried fruits altogether and go with fresh fruit instead. Dried fruit is difficult to digest unless it has been soaked for a while in filtered water. Remember it is dehydrated, which means it has no water content in it. The body has to supply the missing water if you do not rehydrate the fruit and supplying the missing water is hard on the body.

Before I found this out, I would actually not feel well after eating dried fruit, and my partner has gotten stomach aches … but now we know better.

According to food combining parameters it is not optimal to combine nuts and dried fruit, but I do it occasionally without any problem. But again, if it causes distress or you cannot easily digest it, then don't mix them. We are all individual and to be successful on the raw food diet means we have to tweak it to meet our own individual body needs.

In the same way that you soak the dried fruit, it is also optimum to soak the nuts and seeds too. Soaking rehydrates them and also removes the enzyme inhibitors which are chemicals put there by Nature to protect the nut and/or seed until such time as the conditions are right for it to sprout. Water releases the enzyme inhibitors and washes them away. Enzyme inhibitors make the nut more difficult to digest.

I note that it seems like you are eating dried fruit daily (since you said you cut it out for one day.) This is not a good idea. In the beginning of changing to a raw diet a person may unconsciously look for the foods which are heavier and more filling. This is only natural since the previous processed and cooked diet was very heavy and stuck with the body longer. Raw foods are very light and so, many times you don't feel like you've eaten because you don't feel the heaviness or satiety in your stomach that you may be used to. Eventually you will become accustomed to the new feeling of lightness after eating. You may be using dried fruit and nuts to compensate for not feeling the usual feeling of fullness.

Just a little information to ponder.

With blessings and peace,


Thank you Rhio for your insight and first-hand knowledge… before I started eating raw, I felt wonderful, so I am not eating raw because I wish to lose weight, or otherwise get in shape…for my age, 61, I do fine as a vegetarian and am as active as women much younger. (for instance, I walk a 10 minute mile every morning, for 6 miles, swim laps in our pool most days, and 3 times a week I strength train on my bow-flex.) (at optimal levels for someone my age)

There is no denying the vitality that one feels from eating raw. The feeling is indescribable. It is the way to go. Sorry to have rambled on; I thank you for taking the time to answer my query.

best to you,


{ps} But as a health writer I have researched eating raw and wanted to take my health regimen a bit further. Optimally, it is the way to go, if I don't take it too far.

You are right, to compensate for that unfull feeling at the end of a meal, I turned to the dried fruit for a better feeling of satiety. (plus for the sweet that we all crave) That was not the right avenue to take. I have since not eaten my delicious organic figs and dates for a few days now, and the bloat is gone.

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