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Peace in our Hearts Peace in the World
by Rhio

It may seem to some that we are impotent to move our planet towards peace, but we are anything but impotent. We are powerful when we believe and focus upon our objective. We each have the power of one to create peace within ourselves. We also have power when we work within a small group of individuals focused on creating something new and positive in the world. It doesn't take a majority to move mountains. It only takes the faith of a tiny mustard seed, as was once stated by an enlightened teacher. As we reach for something better, we get into the vibration and feeling of that better place and as we keep reaching and feeling, it shortens the time for the new world of peace and love to manifest on this earth. Please join me in this effort.

1) Join the Campaign to create a U.S.Department of Peace (H.R. 1673)
Website: www.dopcampaign.org
Email: peace@renaissancealliance.org
or call (586) 754-810

2) Check out organizations working for peace on Links page

3) Try to Work it Out

With family, friends, co-workers, business alliances, always try to work out a peaceful solution. Sometimes this means going to arbitrators or even going to court. But, a fight in court is infinitely more peaceful than a violent confrontation.

In order to handle situations peacefully, we need to deprogram ourselves from the way shows on TV or some movies portray the resolution of issues because most of them do it through hitting, beating someone up, threatening them with a gun, shooting them, poisoning them, running them over with a car, etc. For those who watch these types of shows or movies and don't filter out the crap from their consciousness, they may subconsciously be following those patterns.