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In a message dated 12/12/02 1:52:38 AM, Ricky writes:

Rhio, I receive your raw newsletter. I am interested in buying a juicer. Some people have recommended that I buy either the Omega 8001 or the Samson 6-in-1, and still others have suggested that I consider buying the Green Star juicer. I would like to know what juicer you would recommend.


Dear Ricky,

Out of the three juicers that you mention above, I have only had experience with one;
The Samson – one of the early models – it may not have been the 6 in 1. I owned it for a short time but found that the front end of it fell over when pushing food through. This could be corrected by bracing the front with an appropriate height glass bowl or something that would hold it up to keep it from falling forward. I found this to be a defect in the design. It may have since been corrected, I'm not sure. When I sold my Samson, I showed the potential buyer the problem and he didn't seem to mind it. Since I do use my juicer on a daily basis, I found it too troublesome.

I believe that the Green Star Juicer is the latest upgraded version of the Green Power and Green Life Juicers. Of the three, I have used the Green Power and while I found it to be an excellent machine, it had the defect that after a few years of daily use, the plastic parts on the front would crack and need replacement – in six years, I've needed to replace parts twice. The second time which is recent – I decided not to replace the parts but to order a newer version of the machine (The Green Life or Green Star).

It is possible that the Green Power manufacturers have since corrrected the defect that caused the plastic parts to crack (in their newer machines that is, i.e. Green Life or Green Star). From my observation in using the Green Power Juicer, I thought that the parts were more likely to crack because they were a little too long. I then saw (though I have not used one) that the Green Life Juicer that they came out with next was a more compact machine. The plastic parts that attach to the front are shorter (in length). The Green Star also appears to be shorter, from pictures I've seen.

The reason I favor one of these machines over the others you mentioned are that they are very quiet to operate, they have twin gears and go at a slow rpm which creates no heat-up of the food and they have magnets which are said to keep the food or juice fresher, less likely to oxidize. They also juice leafy greens such as parsley and wheatgrass.

Out of the possibilites that you suggest, I would choose the Green Star because it is probably the newest upgrade to the Green Power.

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