What I’ve Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy

by Frank Dorrel

Dear Friends of Peace and Justice, feel free to forward this message if you like.

In the aftermath of the events of Tuesday September 11th, 2001, I offer an educational tool of enlightenment, a way to show yourself and others the truth that has been hidden from us. My ten part, 2-hour video compilation called "WHAT I'VE LEARNED ABOUT U.S. FOREIGN POLICY, CIA Covert Operations and U.S. Interventions Since World War II- What You Didn't Learn in School and Don't Hear on the Mainstream Media".

Why did something like this happen? This question is not being asked in the mainstream media. Why would these people have killed themselves and thousands of others? After watching my video you might better understand the answer to that question. This video is also an excellent way to show others the true nature of U.S. foreign policy.

In the last 8 weeks I have sent this video to well over 2,000 professors, high school teachers, students, religious leaders, peace activists and interested others throughout this country and Canada. It has been shown at teach-ins all across the United States.

My name is Frank Dorrel. I live in Culver City, California. I consider myself to be a peace activist. I am a Veteran for Peace. I work with the Save the Iraqi Children Coalition, and with many of the other peace organizations here in Los Angeles.

I am willing to mail it to you before receiving payment. After you have received and watched my video, you can support this project by sending a contribution that you can afford and feel good about. $10 would cover postage and mailing. All financial assistance will go back into this project.

It is a 2-hour compilation featuring 10 segments which I have edited. They are as follows:

1. Martin Luther King Jr., Civil rights leader who was killed after he spoke out against the U.S. war in Vietnam.

2. John Stockwell, Former CIA Chief of Station in Angola in 1975, working for then CIA Director, George Bush Sr.

3. Bill Moyers' "The Secret Government" Played on PBS-1987. Excellent!

4. "Coverup:Behind the Iran-Contra Affair", What we did to Nicaragua. Narrated by Elizabeth Montgomery. Produced by the Empowerment Project.

5. "School of Assassins" with Father Roy Bourgeois on the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia. Narrated by Susan Sarandon.

6. "Genocide by Sanctions" shows the effects of the sanctions in Iraq, with Ramsey Clark talking to Iraqi doctors. Made by Gloria La Riva.

7. "The Panama Deception" Won the academy award for best documentary. Narrated by Elizabeth Montgomery, made by The Empowerment Project.

8. Ramsey Clark, Former Attorney General, talking on U.S. militarism. Very powerful! Filmed by Ralph Cole of JusticeVision.

9. Amy Goodman, Host of Democracy Now, FM Radio NY, talking on two genocides committed by the Indonesian military. First against it's own people & then against the people of East Timor, both aided by the CIA. Filmed by Ralph Cole of JusticeVision.

10. S. Brian Willson, Vietnam Veteran for Peace who lost his legs when he was run over by a naval train carrying weapons headed to kill innocent civilians in Central America. Brian wages Unconditional Peace. Brian is introduced by Kris Kirstofferson.

This video is an excellent educational tool that reveals the true nature of U.S. foreign policy. It has been seen in college classrooms, at churches and at various political groups. It is very convincing! People such as Howard Zinn, Brian Willson, Blase Bonpane, Ed Asner, Amy Goodman, Michael Parenti, Oliver Stone, Father Roy Bourgeois, Ramsey Clark, Casey Kasem, Mike Ruppert and many others have seen this video and find it very worthwhile and informative.

If you are interested in getting a copy of this video, email me your mailing address and I will mail you the tape. I will send you the video before I receive your contribution. I do this in good faith, as a way to protect you. Your donation helps me to continue this project.

My goal is to provide this information to as many people as possible. This is difficult because the mainstream media is owned by the multi-national corporations and the military-industrial-complex. They do not want to the truth to be known by the masses. This information is not what we learned in school. It is not what we see on TV, hear on the radio, read in the newspapers or experience in our own lives. The people on these videos are telling a truth that all Americans need to hear, if we are ever going to put a stop to U.S. imperialism.

We have been lied by experts in propaganda and misinformation. We live in a state of mass denial, of mass hypnosis. If you really care about having Peace in the world, if you care about Justice and Freedom for all of the people who share the Earth with us, I believe the first step is to educate yourself to the true nature of U.S. foreign policy and then begin to share this information with other people. That is what this tape is about.

And to those of you whose primary concern is the environment, you should be aware that United States militarism is one of the main contributing factors in polluting the Earth.



by Joel Andreas

We are also reprinting this brilliant 64 page illustrated expose, first published in 1993, which is now out of print. This is the best book I have ever read on this subject! It is endorsed by Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Blase Bonpane, S. Brian Willson, Ed Asner, George Carlin, Casey Kasem, Susan Sarandon, Michael Ruppert and many others. "Addicted to War" takes on the most powerful and destructive military in the world. Hard-hitting, carefully documented, and heavily illustrated, it reveals why the United States has been involved in more wars in recent years than any other country. Read it to find out who benefits from these military adventures, who pays, who dies.

This book is easy to read and understand. It has 161 footnotes. It also has great quotes from some of the military, government & business leaders who have been in control of our American system. Our tax dollars have been used to exploit the people of the Third World, while many of the problems here at home have not be taken care of.

I ask for a donation of $8, which includes mailing and handling.

It is my belief that in order to bring about peace in this world, the truth needs to be understood by a certain percentage of the American people. This tape and this book will go along way in doing just that. They are learning tools that each of you can use in the struggle for Peace and Justice. Thank you for being concerned and involved.

In Peace, Truth, Justice & Hope for All of the People of the Earth!

Frank Dorrel
3967 Shedd Terrace
Culver City, Calif. 90232
EMail: fdorrel@addictedtowar.com

Website: www.addictedtowar.com

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