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I have been eating raw for a few months now but have had a little beef also. Please read below, thank you.

I have been hearing about a book called "Eat Right For Your Type" and it is based on eating foods that they say are good for your blood type. I am a type "O" and it states that I should eat meat, particularly beef. I tried eating without any beef or chicken but discovered that I do need a little beef now and then even after trying to get a complete protein from other foods. I couldn't sleep well and had a general lack of energy to exercise, which I generally love to do. My question is this: What blood type are you?? I would presume not an "O". I ask this because they said that for me to become a vegetarian and being a type "O" is not good as I would suffer from a lack of protein and have very limited energy levels. Please reply. Thank you

Dear N,

A good site that has some information on the protein question about beef, etc., is: www.healthfree.com/nutrition/nutrition/protein.htm

I do not know what my blood type is because I never go to doctors but since this question is coming up more and more, I have been thinking of finding out. It's not at the top of my list, though.

I do not belleve in the blood type theory. Brian Clement the director of the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Fl, also has stated in his book, Living Foods for Optimum Health, that he believes it just gives people an excuse to go on eating the way that they do. He does not believe there is any substantiation to the blood type theory. Most in the raw/live food community will tell you the same.

When you first try to give up meat after having eaten it all your life, it is not easy and there are withdrawal symptoms. One of them is you feel less energetic for awhile, as you describe. When stored toxins in your system from consuming meat protein are being eliminated, they get dumped into the body's channels of elimination, including the blood stream. Toxins in the bloodstream will make you feel weaker until they are cleaned out. How long it will take to get cleaned out and for the energy to return is an individual matter depending on the strength of your body, your mental attitude, your adherence to a cleansing diet, etc. In that way, we are all so individual.

I have a friend who would always tell me that she couldn't be a vegetarian because of the blood type theory, whenever I said we really don't need any meat or dairy products to be healthy. I tried to convince her but couldn't, then I let it go. Now she is suffering from an autoimmune disorder, her whole body when she moves feels like it has broken glass in it, and the doctors have no answers for her, except of course, the round 'em up as usual drugs. For the first time she is thinking of adding alot of fresh raw juice to her diet.

Please, understand, I am not saying that will happen to you, but meat does bring with it some kind of problems sooner or later in life. Meat is acid producing in the body. A healthy body must be alkaline. Meat tips the scale the wrong way. (When I say meat, I also refer to fish, poultry and dairy.) The idea that the body needs a "complete" protein and that fruits and vegetables are not good enough (incomplete) was artificially created by the industries that would most benefit by people believing this. I'm sure you can guess who they are.

A Silverback Gorilla eats only raw fruits and vegetables and at only three times the weight of an average man, has thirty times the strength. Meat is an addiction and as such will take some work to get off of for good.

Much luck and many blessings to you,


August 14, 2003

Note: After recently going through L. Ron Hubbard's Purification Program in New York City (a program offered to the firefighters, rescue workers and area residents after 9/11), I found out that my blood type is 0 positive. That means that according to the Blood Type Diet, I should be eating lots of meat. Perversely, I continue to enjoy and thrive on my raw vegetarian diet. My partner, Leigh, who also went through the program is type O and thriving on veggies as well.


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