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I'm just starting out on raw foods, and I've been looking for information on raw foods and stopping medications (specifically anti-depressants). I know that now isn't the time for me to stop, but I'd like to have a conversation with my doctor about it and I don't have the info to back myself up. Any suggestions?

As far as stopping goes, I'm assuming that'll be an intuitive thing – does that ring true for most people on medications changing their diets?


Dear Bridgitte,

You might find some information on Dr. Mercola's website: www.mercola.com He posts a lot of good and helpful articles. Also, put the word "antidepressants" into a google search engine and information both pro and con will come up. You should find enough to take to your doctor.

From my knowledge and information, it would be best to work with a wholistic type doctor to wean yourself from the medications. Sometimes medications have such a vicious hold on a person's physiology that to drop them cold turkey is not wise. As you get more into the raw lifestyle, you should start feeling much better and depression will lose it's hold on you.

Again my suggestion is to find a wholistic doctor to help wean you off the medications at the appropriate time.

With blessings and peace,


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