To Build Muscle Requires Protein – What Can I Substitute For Fish, Chicken and Whey Protein Products?

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Dear Rhio,

I have great interest in eating raw due to my path of spiritual growth and understanding of how important it is to mantain a high level of energy to shine my inner light to those around me. I am into bodybuilding and know to build muscle requires protein. I am used to the old way of doing this by eating fish or chicken and whey protein products. Can you point me in to some material that I can use that would help me continue my hobby in a healthier and more energetic way. Thank you.


Dear George,

Welcome to the wonderful world of the raw food lifestyle!!

On the Nature's First Law website: you can get a book called Raw Power written by Stephen Arlin. I also sell this book on my website, but am out of it at present. In Stephen's book he talks about muscle building on raw foods.

All fruits and vegetables contain protein in the more easily assimilable form of amino acids. Buckwheat lettuce, sunflower greens and pea greens also contain an abundance of amino acids. For more concentrated vegetarian protein foods, look into soaked and sprouted nuts and seeds, coconuts, sprouted legumes (garbanzos, mung beans, lentils, etc), and avocados. These proteins are also in the form of amino acids. The body, as you probably know, builds various proteins from its amino acid pool.

Below is one show in my Fruit and Veggie Lady Protein Series. To listen to the whole series, go to my website ( and click on "Listen to Rhio" from the Home Page. I think there are 8 shows there on different aspects of protein.

Also, check out Shannon on my site in the Pictures section under Before and Afters. Shannon has a very muscular, well developed body and he talks about how he maintains it on a raw food diet.

Hope this answers some of your questions.

With blessings and peace,



Show #28

Hi, this is Rhio The Fruit and Veggie lady. Have you ever heard that you have to eat lots of complete protein to be big and strong. Meat for strength and stamina, that’s what I learned when I was growing up. But then I discovered something interesting – many world class athletes are vegetarian. So where do they get their strength and stamina I wondered?

The list is long but here are just a few,

Henry Aaron – All Time Baseball Home Run Champion
Dave Scott – 6-time winner of the Ironman Triathlon (the only man to win it more than twice!)
Sixto Linares – World Record Holder in the 24-hour Triathlon
Paavo Nurmi – 20 World Records and 9 Olympic Medals in distance running
Stan Price – World Record Holder in the Bench Press
Andreas Cahling – Mr. International Body Building Champion
Martina Navratilova, tennis champion

All of these athletes have discovered that eating meat decreases strength and stamina.

When we continue our protein series next week I’ll give you some information from the Journal of the American Medical Association which warns athletes against taking protein supplements.

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