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In a message dated 11/15/01 6:21:04 AM, Elisa writes:

Hi- I love your book! Just got it last week and have already made a bunch of tasty recipes. Thank you! It's full of stuff!

I do have a few questions.

First, in the glossary section you say you have a Mock Balsamic Vinegar recipe. I can't find it anywhere in the book. What page is it on?

Second, you mention Trocomare in one recipe, and I couldn't find it in the index.

Third, where can I get Kal Unfortified Imported Yeast. It's a whey-less brewer's yeast, right?

Thanks so much. Your book is a fabulous resource. And your directory info is great even for me in California.

Elisa Mehl

Dear Elisa,

Thank you for the kind words about my book!!!

And thanks for pointing out the missing Mock Balsamic Vinegar recipe. One other person had pointed this out to me but they could not remember where the reference was in the book. The book is going into a second edition soon and now that I know where it is, I can correct it.

See what happened is this. When I sent the book to the person who put it into Quark format so that it could go to the printers, I asked them to let me know when the book got to be 300 pages because we were changing print font style and I had no way of knowing how many pages I would have with the new print. Well, she forgot to tell me and when she did finally tell me, the book was 457 pages!! – way over my budget to print. So I had to do some last minute cutting. In the process of cutting some recipes out, I missed the reference that you point out. But, I will be putting the Mock Balsamic Vinegar recipe into an upcoming Recipes of the Month on my website: – check in the Recipes section later this month.

Trocomare is a mixed spice and sea salt mixture that is usually available in health food stores. I'm not sure of the name of the company but they also make Herbamare.

Usually you can get KAL wheyless brewers yeast at health food stores. It comes in a yellow cardboard based can or in double thick yellow paper packages.

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Blessings and Peace,


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