The Power of a Touch

Writer Gordon MacDonald said that each night he reads a story to his little daughter. One day he was preparing to be away from home for a few days and he taped a selection of stories for his daughter to listen to while he was gone.

When he came back, he was eager to hear his daughter's reaction. She answered, "Dad, the stories were fine, but it wasn't the same — I couldn't sit on the tape recorder's lap."

Too often we underestimate the power of touch. Negative as well as positive touch has the power to elicit strong emotions. It can hurt and it can heal. Touch people in a negative way and you may get a strong reaction you didn't expect. Touch them in a safe, affirming and affectionate way, and you'll probably get just as strong a response — only this one you will welcome.

Touch is powerful for infants. Newborns who are touched will thrive. Studies have shown that babies deprived of touch have a significantly higher mortality rate than those who are held and cuddled by caring adults — even when the "touched" babies are reared in unsanitary conditions.

Touch is powerful for teenagers. Teens who are touched communicate better. Many adolescents assert their independence by refusing to be hugged by their parents. But most of them will accept a simple back or shoulder massage. That act of touch communicates love in a powerful way. It will frequently break down emotional barriers and even help young people to "open" up and talk about what is on their minds.

Touch is powerful for adults. Both men and women who are touched are happier and healthier. According to University of Colorado researchers, most adults would like to be touched more. Holding a hand or offering a hug can warm hearts and heal relationships like nothing else can.

Touching is powerful. Learn the art of a caring touch and you'll discover a magical key that opens the lives and hearts of those you care about.

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