The Art of Allowing

The Art of Allowing, is deliberately choosing thoughts that feel good, with an ear to how the thought feels as it evolves within you. The Art of Allowing, is wanting so much to feel good, that whether you are perusing the past or the present, or the future, you're deliberately looking for the best-feeling thought that you can find. And as you choose the best-feeling thought and practice it until it becomes a sort of natural feeling within you, then more and more of that which you want flows to you.


Take your Inner Being everywhere you go. If you take your Inner Being to the party, it's going to be a *good* party! If you take your Inner Being, the food that you eat will be received perfectly by the cells of your body. Every word that comes out of your mouth will be beneficial to everyone who hears them with their ears, or with their vibration.

Don't go anywhere without your Inner Being!

That's what "Allowing" is: always having your Inner Being present! And then, anything else that happens is always orchestrated perfectly by Law of Attraction.

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Subject: Allowing Others the Same Freedom

Once you understand the power of thought, you will joyously experience your own freedom to express and to be as you are — while you will be willing to allow all others the same freedom. As more of you reach this state of being, it will be a time of peace and a time of contentment and a time of wondrous joy upon your Planet Earth.

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Creation are universal. They apply to all dimensions and to all experience, physical and Non-physical. And just as they apply to your individual creating, to that creating which does not involve others, such as the maintenance of perfect health – they also apply to that which you create, through the form of your agreements, one with another.

"Do I have a responsibility to make the whole world beat to my drum?" No, nor could you. You beat your drum, and the Universe will respond to the drum that you are beating… There are as many different worlds being lived by as many different perceivers of the world as there are.

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Sara and Annette stood, leaning against the railing [of the tree house], looking down at the long-awaited rope – and beamed at each other. "We did it!" they both said, at the same time.

"Yeah, what's with this *rope*, anyway?" Seth asked.

"Where to start?" Sara said, shaking her head.

"It was Solomon's idea," Annette chimed in.

"Well, yeah, sort of," Sara said. "We were in the tree house right after you got banished, and we were really missing you. We weren't having any fun without you here. And when we asked Solomon what to do he said (you know what he always says!) to find a thought that feels better. But we couldn't find anything about your not being here that felt good. Even when we tried to think happy thoughts about you, it just reminded us that you weren't here. So Solomon said we should think of something else. So we took turns swinging from the rope. And then, Annette got the idea that she could teach me how to fly [on the rope] upside-down. And then, she said that we need to find a big, thick rope so that I could practice hanging upside-down before I jump out of the tree to try it. And then, we sort of forgot about how sad we were that you weren't here. And then it became our mission to find a big rope…" Sara's voice trailed off. She began to laugh.

Annette was laughing too.

"What's so funny?" Seth asked.

"Solomon is such a clever bird!" Sara said.

Solomon swooped down from high up in the tree. "Well, I see the gang's all here!"

"Solomon, it worked!"

"What worked?" Seth still could not figure out what they were all talking about.

[Solomon] "Of course it worked, Sara. It always works."

"What always works?" Seth still didn't understand.

"Everything, always works," Solomon smiled. "Anything and everything you could ever want always works out – if you'll only let it."

Sara and Annette sat, smiling and listening.

"It sure is easier to hear you say those words today, Solomon, than last month when Seth was banished from this place [the tree house]," Annette said.

Solomon smiled.

"Solomon, did you know all along how this would all turn out?"

[Solomon] "You will never be in a place where it has 'all turned out', because it is always in the process of becoming more!"

"But you know what I mean. Did you know that Mrs. Wilsenholm was going to make it so that Seth could come back to the tree house?"

[Solomon] "Well, Sara, I didn't spend any time trying to figure out HOW it would come about. But I did know that it WOULD come about, because I know that whatever you ask for is always answered. You see, whenever you ask for something it is always given. Its YOUR job to let it in!"

"The Art of Allowing!" Sara added, smiling.

[Solomon] "That's right, Sara. There are three steps to achieving anything that you desire. Step One is: to ask for it. Step Two is: the answering. And Step Three is: you have to let it in."

"Sounds simple enough," Seth said. "So, what's the catch?"

"The catch?" Solomon asked.

"Yeah. It can't be that simple, Solomon. I've asked for lots of things that I didn't get. There are people all over the place who want things, and are asking for them, that aren't getting them. So what's the catch?"

Solomon smiled. "Well, Seth, the 'catch' is that when you are asking for something that you do not have, you are usually so aware that you don't have it that everything about you is pulsing and oozing the feeling of NOT having it. And when you are radiating signals about NOT having something – you can't let it in. You have to be radiating a signal that matches your own desire before you can let your own desire in."

Sara and Annette's eyes flashed bright with new understanding. "Yeah, Seth, like we wanted you to come back to the tree house in the worst way!" Annette said.

Sara laughed. 'In the worst way' sure did emphasize what Solomon had just said about oozing signals that are the opposite of your own desire.

"We tried and tried to think happy thoughts about your being back in the tree house but, every time we tried, we just missed you more! So Solomon suggested that we find something else to think about." Annette explained to Seth.

"Yeah, Annette got the idea that she could teach me to swing upside-down on the rope. And that really sounded fun to me! And, don't take this the wrong way, Seth, but, we sort of got so excited about getting a big rope and hanging it up someplace that we sort of forgot how much we missed you!"

"Yeah, and then finding the rope didn't turn out to be all that easy so, we had to really think about *that* and then, other things just kept showing up. It isn't that you weren't important, Seth. We just got a little distracted for awhile."

Solomon interrupted: "The most important thing to understand is that, once you have asked, all kinds of things come into place to give you what you have asked for. You don't have to continue to ask, again and again. It is best when you realize that, once you have taken Step One (the asking) then your work is to jump right to Step Three (the allowing)."

"But, what about Step Two?" Seth asked.

[Solomon] "That is the work of Law of Attraction; Creative Life Force; God Force; The Fairies of the Universe. All manner of unseen forces of Well-Being converge to accommodate you in whatever you are asking for."

Sara, Seth, and Annette sat quietly. Solomon's words felt so wonderful, so comforting – and so sure.

"Step Three," Solomon continued, "is what you are always working on. Putting yourself in the place of letting in what you have been asking for!"

"And we do that by…?" Seth still wanted more explanation from Solomon.

[Solomon] "By not doing that thing that you do that doesn't let it in!"

Sara and Annette began to laugh. Seth laughed, too.

"That thing we do? What thing? Solomon, what do you mean?"

[Solomon] "Well, actually it is quite a few things. But you always know whenever you are doing it, because you are feeling negative emotion at the same time you are doing it. You see, kids, whenever you are feeling any negative emotion, like fear or anger or blame, you are – in that moment – focused on the exact opposite of something you do want. So you cannot be in the mode of allowing what you DO want if you are oozing the vibration of what you DON'T want!"

"So," Sara said excitedly, "When we were sad, because Seth couldn't come to the tree house, we were doing that thing. But when we got interested in something else that DIDN'T make us feel bad, then we weren't doing that thing, so…"

"We could let in what we DID want!" Annette finished Sara's sentence.

"Well kids, I think you've got it!" Solomon said. "It would require many hours of concentration just to be aware of how many remarkable things have come into place, and how many intentions that you have launched over the past few weeks have come into being. It seems like magic to some…like miracles to others… like good luck or good fortune to others but, what always has happened is, somehow -consciously or unconsciously, deliberately or indeliberately – YOU HAVE TO LET IT IN!"

"Think about it, Sara!" Annette said excitedly, "Almost as soon as we started looking for the rope, amazing things began to happen!"

[Solomon] "Well actually, kids, amazing things begin to happen the moment that you launch your desire. They begin even while you are right in the middle of your dilemma or problem or disaster. But you cannot see the evidence of all this help that is lining up for you until you stop doing that thing you do – and let it in!"

"Hmmmmmmm," Sara pondered, leaning back against the tree. They all sat there feeling wonderful.

"We're such lucky ducks!" Annette said. "Well, I don't mean lucky, I mean…"

[Solomon] "Feeling lucky is a good way to feel, Annette. Feeling lucky is certainly a match to letting it in. Whether you are feeling lucky or blessed or appreciation, or just plain happy – you are letting in all that you consider to be good! But, when you feel unlucky or sad or overwhelmed or angry or blameful or guilty or any of those bad-feeling emotions – in that moment, you are not in the receiving mode!"

"Yes, LUCKY is a very good way to feel! I don't know about ducks, however!" Solomon smiled. "Well kids, I'm off. I'll leave you here to count your blessings!"

"Bye, Solomon! We'll see you tomorrow!"

"I'm such a lucky owl!" Solomon said, as he lifted from the platform.

All three kids burst into laughter.

"You're right, Annette!" Solomon called back. "It just doesn't have the right ring to it. Let's see, what rhymes with owl? Howling owl. Not quite right. Allow. Allowing owl! I am an allowing owl, I am an allowing owl, I am an allowing owl. Much better! I think it like it!"

From SARA, BOOK 3: A Talking Owl is Worth A Thousand Words (c)2002 First edition, first printing, Chapter Twenty-Five, pp. 183-190


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