Tastes Like a Dead Squirrel!

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Dear Rhio:

I wanted to let you know that after doing a 2.5 day oranges-only fast, I ate the cooked bean chili in my refrigerator which afterward somehow reminded me of eating a dead squirrel. I threw the rest out. So I tried eating raw from your cookbook and it's been three weeks, including a trip to a convention where I couldn't eat raw. I would say that the pull is definitely there, and I'm trying.

Chocolate, popcorn, bread and cheese are the only cooked foods I crave; otherwise I am really enjoying nuts for the first time in my life, and I love the dill/caraway essene bread. Even without a dehydrator. The toona and pine nut pesto are wonderful, and I was really surprised that I liked your marinated eggplant much better than any cooked eggplant dish (maybe because the eggplant wasn't bitter).

I never realized that a raw diet could include legumes and grain dishes, which are what make it possible for me to at least for now go about half-raw. This is a whole new avenue of food preparation, and I look forward to trying more of your dishes. Thank you!


Dear D:

I love your letter and have some suggestions for you.

To switch over your desire for chocolate, try my Fudge X Tasty recipe. That usually does it, and you can keep it in the freezer and pop out a piece when you feel the urge. Of course, it does not taste exactly like chocolate, but for many it does hit the spot and they can gradually wean themselves.

I haven't hit on a substitute for popcorn yet but am working on it. Next month on my website's Recipe of the Month I'll be putting in a new recipe called Spicy Party Mix which could sort of substitute when you want crunchy and chewy, but it's not corn – it's sprouted sunflower and red lentils dehydrated with some spices.

For cheese, try my Chedda Sauce recipe and then dehydrate it into a Cheez. That is very similar to Cheddar or try Pine Nut Cheese or Almond Ricotta.

For a sort of chopped liver taste (only better) try Veggie Seed Pate.

My partner, Leigh, who recently went 100% raw (after being 70% for years) also had a stumbling block with bread but he found a raw recipe recently that is satisfying him. I will send you that one if you want. It's not in my book.

Investing in a dehydrator could help. The Excalibur people are coming up with an ACCURATE dehydrator which I saw recently at the raw festival in Portland. In the meantime you could dehydrate somewhat by putting things on the door part of the oven door with the oven on low and the door open.

Much luck on your great new adventure,


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