Step 1: Agitate and Aggravate

In response to a woman who wanted to do a documentary 'exposing' 12-Steps groups:

Abraham: Well there is a difference in making a subtle remark for the purpose of humor and moving someone up the vibrational scale, and making a movement that pushes against and dashes the hopes and dreams of millions of people! (Much audience laughter)

Guest: Well Michael Moore did! (laughing)

Abraham: Michael Moore did – but – in his determination to expose truth, he has caused more unrest in more vibrations than the war itself.

Guest: Okay, I get that.

Abraham: In other words, people don't feel safer. People don't feel better about their lives. And people are not yet pointed toward solutions. So – what all of that did – we'd say, and we are not discouraging more films from Michael Moore or more films like that – what we are saying is, that film was more about step 1. It agitated and aggravated and made more people launch more desires. But still, no one is talking about how to get into vibrational alignment with well-being. And until you do, stuff like this will continue. And you don't have to wait for anybody else to figure it out. You can come into alignment and live a fabulous life right here and now. Look at the way your world unfolds!

Guest: Okay. Thanks.

West LA, 8/7/04


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