Splenda, Is it Safe or Not?

December 2003

Publisher: Dr. Janet Starr Hull, Ph.D., CN


Splenda Interview
'Sexy' Hormones – Part 4
A Healthy Prostate
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Q & A with Dr. Hull
This Month's Healthy Recipe
Safety Alerts/Government Recalls


Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not?

The following interview was conducted with Janet Starr Hull on the safety of sucralose found in Splenda®.

Q: What exactly is Splenda?

A: In a simple sentence, you would just as soon have a pesticide in your food as sucralose because sucralose (Splenda) is a chlorocarbon. The chlorocarbons have long been known for causing organ, genetic, and reproductive damage. It should be no surprise, therefore, that the testing of sucralose reveals that it can cause up to 40% shrinkage of the thymus: a gland that is the very foundation of our immune system. Sucralose also causes swelling of the liver and kidneys, and CALCIFICATION of the kidney. Note: if you experience kidney pain, cramping, or an irritated bladder after using sucralose in Splenda, stop use immediately.

Q: So sucralose is not found as a natural compound in nature, like real sugar?

A: Absolutely not. No sugar molecule is compounded with chlorine anywhere in nature.

Q: Do you know how it is made in the laboratory?

A: I found this information from a statement from the manufacturer, actually. 'Sucralose is made from sugar, but is derived from sucrose (sugar) through a process that selectively substitutes three atoms of chlorine for three hydrogen-oxygen groups on the sucrose molecule. No artificial sweetener made in the laboratory is going to be neither natural to the body nor safer than unprocessed sugar', they claim.

People need to stop searching for excuses to eat all the junk food they want without penalty. In the long run, no one benefits from this product but the corporations.

Q: The corporate researchers claim that the chlorine atoms are so tightly bound; they create a molecular structure that is exceptionally stable under extreme pH and temperature conditions. Do you agree?

A: They are testing these conditions in lab rats, and these types of corporate studies have forced and 'selective' results, in my opinion. Aspartame research is the proof of this!

Test these chemicals on a child and see how stable it is – but that would be cruel. So, why then do we buy it and give it to our children? I don't buy into manufacturers' claims when it comes to human beings using ANY man-made chemical. Plus, I have learned over the past twenty-five years of aspartame research to value independent research above that which is funded by corporations.

Q: The corporations say sucralose is safe.

A: They said the same thing about aspartame, and look at the rampant disease and obesity taking over America since aspartame was put into the food supply over twenty years ago.

Q: Can sucralose cause cancer?

A: Any animal that eats chlorine (especially on a regular basis) is at risk of cancer. The Merk Manuel and OSHA 40 SARA 120 Hazardous Waste Handbook states that chlorine is a carcinogen and emergency procedures should be taken when exposed via swallowing, inhaling, or through the skin.

It all depends upon how much you use and how often, your present and past health status, and the degree of other toxins you are putting inside your body. Good luck with this one….

Q: Sucralose has been thoroughly tested, they claim. Actually they have stated that sucralose is the most tested food additive in history. I quote, "…more than 100 studies on the safety of sucralose designed to meet the highest scientific standards have been conducted and evaluated over the course of 20 years. "

A: I don't believe that for a second. They stated verbatim the same thing about aspartame. We are looking at the same scenario in so many ways. As with NutraSweet – no human studies, corporate payrolled researchers, selective result reporting, government involvement and personal financial interests and controlled media. I will say that sucralose is not as dangerous as aspartame.

Q: Splenda is approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar. How can that be?

A: As I stated before, the product is a forced product, not a natural sugar the body uses for fuel. People forget that sweetness is a by-product of foods; a bonus so to say. Forced sweetness, revved-up sweetness, and artificial sweetness – all altered foods that are a trap for people to get addicted to the sweeter tastes. People with eating disorders, children who are just learning about food, and people with illnesses are all being 'sold a bill of rubbish' in my opinion.

Q: The manufacturer claims sucralose doesn't react with other substances in the body and is not broken down in the body.

A: They claimed the same thing about saccharin, even though I feel saccharin is the only artificial sweetener with true merit. To answer your question, if the body is digesting properly, anything you put into the body will be assimilated. If it happens to be rancid, the stomach will throw it out immediately by vomiting or diarrhea. It is totally out of the realm of biological science to think the body will not immediately attack a toxic chemical. Henceforth, migraines from aspartame and diarrhea from Splenda.

Now, to add a note to this: if the body is fed an indigestible product such as plastic (like in margarine) that it is incapable of dissolving through normal digestion, it will pass through undigested (if it doesn't get stuck in the gall bladder, that is.) So, if sucralose is indigestible due to its laboratory compounding, then we have yet another serious health problem to consider, don't you think?

Technology is great, but we sure don't need to be eating it!

Q: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and government food authority committees and the Health Ministries in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina, and Brazil have confirmed the safety of sucralose. So have the countries of Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Romania, Lebanon, Qatar, Bahrain, Pakistan, Tajikistan, China, South Africa, and Tanzania. What do you think of all these countries confirming Splenda's safety?

A: The history of aspartame has unfortunately proven that individuals within government agencies cannot and should not be trusted to make such empowering public decisions behind closed doors.

Now, re-read this list of countries… Mexico, Jamaica, Tajikistan and Tanzania? These are the countries in which Splenda is now marketed? (See the final question.) As an international geographer, I can comfortably say that these countries are not nations with the same technology and mass marketing strategies to be compared with the United States. These countries are more concerned with birth control, food staples, hostile take-overs, and drought – not diet sweeteners. Compare apples to apples.

Q: Is sucralose safe for children?

A: The manufacturer actually made this statement for disclosure: "One should note, however, that foods made with low-calorie sweeteners are not normally a recommended part of a child's diet, since calories are important to a growing child's body."

Pay attention….Children should not be encouraged to grow-up on fake foods. But just like cigarettes and alcohol, do what I say and not what I do? And we wonder why the younger generation is angry, ill, and ridden with ADD/ADHD and diabetes?? How many kids do you see taking a sip of mom or brother's diet cola?

Q: Who manufactures and markets sucralose?

A: McNeil Specialty Products Company (MSPC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, along with Tate & Lyle PLC, a world leader in sweeteners and starches, all share responsibility for developing and manufacturing sucralose for commercial use. Sucralose is the first product from McNeil Specialty, whose mission is to develop and market innovative food ingredients that help consumers control, maintain and improve their health. Internationally, McNeil Specialty markets sucralose in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East; Tate & Lyle markets sucralose in Africa, Asia, Europe and Canada. Internationally, McNeil Specialty markets sucralose under the name SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener. SPLENDA® is a registered trademark of McNeil Specialty Products Company.


Testosterone – The 'Sexy' Hormone

A product of DHEA and progesterone, testosterone takes credit for the human sex drive – or lack of, as the case may be. Testosterone is the most critical hormone involved in the human sex drive – in both men and women. Testosterone also supports bones and muscle, as well as the cardiovascular system.

At puberty and throughout the reproductive years, approximately twenty times more testosterone is produced in males than in females.

Through childhood development and male puberty, testosterone along with DHT (dihydrotestosterone) are responsible for the development of secondary male sexual characteristics such as:

* Increased muscle and bone mass
* Hair growth
* Sperm production
* Genital size
* Male behavior

Testosterone levels reach their peak in twenty to thirty year old males and decline with each passing decade. In men, low testosterone levels have been linked to:

* Decreased sex drive
* Impotency
* Infertility
* Abnormal breast enlargement
* Fatigue
* Depression
* Lowered motivation
* Irritability
* Weight gain
* Decreased body hair
* Shrinking of the testes
* Anemia
* Thinning of the skin with increased wrinkle development
* Decreased muscle size and strength
* Increased risk for osteoporosis and prostate cancer

In females, testosterone is required for:

* Proper musculo-skeletal development
* General anabolic activity
* Libido

Testosterone is the most important hormone for maintaining a sex drive in women and a deficiency can cause impaired sexual function.

Testosterone decreases with age in both men and women, and supplementation has been used successfully for the treatment of some post-menopausal symptoms such as:

* Lack of libido
* Anemia
* Muscle weakness

Testosterone supplementation has been shown to cause a gain in lean body mass and a possible decline in bone loss when used in elderly patients.


How To Have A Healthy Prostate

Some natural supplements you can take for prostate health are:

1. Saw Palmetto berries extract (not the powder) with 85%-95% fatty acid content.

2. Urtica Dioica (the root, not the leaves).

3. African Pygeum (the bark, which contains the beneficial sterols) from regulated and legally harvested trees in Spain.

4. Zinc. The prostate requires ten times more zinc than any other organ in your body, but if you don't get the right kind of zinc, your body won't absorb it. Zinc 'piccolinate' has been shown in laboratory tests to shrink a swelling prostate. I recommend taking 50 mg. of zinc piccolinate before bed five times a week, if your hair analysis shows you to be low in zinc.

5. Lycopene: The best-known antioxidant for your prostate. You'll find it in tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables.

6. Selenium: an important antioxidant. Men who live in areas of the USA where the soil is rich in selenium have lower rates of prostate cancer. I recommend 200 to 400 mcg every other day.

7. Vitamins A & E: Two important antioxidants that work together to fight free radicals that deposit within the prostate gland. Vitamin E also improves the function of your immune system. A recent study in Finland found a 33% reduction in the rate of prostate cancer in men who took vitamin E, compared to men who took a placebo. I recommend 10,000 IU A and 800 IU E every other day.

As men age, their testosterone levels fall severely and the incidence of prostate disease goes up accordingly. The higher the testosterone, the lower the rate of prostate cancer.

If a man has prostate cancer, I highly recommend he test his level of testosterone. If it is low, I recommend raising it by supplementing with the nutrients listed above or taking melatonin, pregnenolone, and using transdermal progesterone creams.

A Harvard Medical School study found that men with low testosterone had the most advanced prostate cancers. They studied men with prostate cancer and measured their free, bioavailable testosterone levels – not their bound unavailable levels.

They stated: "In our study, patients with prostate cancer and low free testosterone had more extensive disease. In addition, all men with a biopsy Gleason score of 8 or greater had low serum free testosterone. This finding suggests that low serum free testosterone may be a marker for more aggressive disease."

"However, in patients with low versus normal free testosterone there were an increased mean percent of biopsies that showed cancer (43% versus 22%) and an increased incidence of a biopsy Gleason score of 8 or greater (7 of 64 versus 0 of 48). The lower the free testosterone level the more aggressive the growth of the cancer."

Testosterone levels can be tested using hormone saliva tests, and begin a preventative program so to have a healthy prostate.


* Astragalus (Chinese milk vetch root) is an herbal remedy that is highly effective in treating and preventing the flu.

Astragalus induces the production of interferon in the body, especially at the mucosal surfaces where it is particularly helpful. Echinacea can also be used, but may have more side effects, especially for people with autoimmune diseases or chemical hypersensitivity.

* Lecithin for flu prevention: lecithin alters the calcium/phosphorus balance in the body that can deny the flu virus the type of phosphorus it needs to replicate. One capsule every hour for five hours has been known to knock the flu out.

* One out of every two men will suffer prostate problems after age 50. And that number will climb as high as 90% of men in their 70s and 80s if detoxification and prevention measures are not taken.

* Like drugs, vitamins and supplements should be kept away from heat, humidity, and direct light. If you notice a change in the odor, taste or appearance of a supplement (or a drug), discard it regardless of the expiration date.

* If you store your supplements and medications properly, many of them can still be effective after the expiration date.

* Everyone knows that calcium is necessary to help form the tooth enamel that protects against cavities. But calcium can't do the job alone. In fact, without the assistance of magnesium, calcium only supplies soft enamel, which isn't strong enough to battle tooth decay. Magnesium and calcium together are essential to create hard enamel and healthy teeth.

* New research conducted by the USDA shows black tea may lower blood levels of low-density "bad" cholesterol (LDL) as much as 11% without reducing heart-healthy HDL cholesterol.

* Cornell University studies found a cup of cocoa (natural cocoa without added process sugars) has a higher antioxidant level than green tea or red wine.

* According to an Oct. 2, 2003 article in Slate Magazine, the parents of a girl are significantly more likely to divorce than parents of a boy. The number grows even larger when more female children are tossed into the mix – parents of three girls are twice as likely to divorce than parents of three boys.

* Most candles are made of paraffin, a petroleum by-product containing eleven different toxins. Breathing in the soot released by paraffin is as dangerous as inhaling second-hand smoke. Scented paraffin candles are worse.

* Recent FDA testing indicated that canned albacore, known as white tuna, contains almost three times as much mercury as canned light tuna.

* When Teflon coated pans reach 554-degrees, ultra-fine particles start coming off the pan. The particles can imbed in the lungs and lead to "Teflon Flu", flu-like symptoms including headache, backache, and a temperature between 100 and 104 degrees.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: arsenic poisoning

Q: Dear Dr. Hull,
I have been diagnosed with arsenic poisoning. I need to know how to detox this out of my body. The insurance company is giving me trouble, also my employer. I worked in a chemical plant all my life.

A: I have worked with several people along the Texas coast with arsenic poisoning from their water, all tied into refineries. I would recommend downloading the detox eBook and this will tell you exactly what to do and why. Go to this link for info on the program:


You can remove the arsenic within weeks using this detox program, as I have seen many people do it.

I recommend getting the book and using it as a reference guide. Do you need lab evidence that you have high arsenic? The hair analysis will provide that, and it will stand up in court.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: food allergies

Q: I used to subscribe to the idea that I craved what my body needed until I met a doctor who said that quite often you are allergic to the foods that are your favorite and you crave. My favorite food is spinach, which is a good source of lithium, which my hair results show I really need. Is there any validity to what this guy said or
can I forget about him and think he was a quack?

A: Well, I disagree with that doctor's opinion for two reasons:

1) If the body is digesting all proteins properly, there are no such things as allergies.

2) The body does crave the nutrients it needs by instinct. All other animals do this, humans are no exception. Your body will "tell" you what nutrients it needs and what foods those nutrients are found in by cravings. This happens during pregnancy all the time.

3) We must never stop "listening" to our bodies.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: filtered water

Q: I do filter my water and I drink spring water. Is that ok or should I only drink spring water? If so, what kind?

A: Evian is the best bottled water to buy when out of the house, and Mountain Valley is the best brand in the south-southeast to keep in bottles at home. Research the source of any local companies around you and try to find a source that is truly a natural spring. Spring water is by far the best source of water and minerals the
body needs to stay properly hydrated.


To: jshull@sweetpoison.com
Subject: Where do I find the best detox supplements?

Q: I am having a hard time finding some of the stuff you recommend and was wondering if there was a website I could go to as I did not notice a link on your site and when I put in the names of the companies I have no luck.

A: My vitamins for the detox program will be available on my site and on webnd.com in a couple of weeks. I was given the opportunity to compound my vitamins with an excellent chemist in Colorado so to make it easier for people to locate them, especially for my clients in other countries and rural areas of the USA. Check at the end of the month for the links on my website, but you can call Bob Esh at Renewal & Wellness 866-776-8623 to get food grade French Green clay in capsule form, the Detox-C, the digestive enzymes, and the pure niacin. They will ship directly to you.

To Your Health,
Janet Hull


Two 'Nutty' Recipes For The Kids

Almond Butter And Sliced Bananas

Spread 1/3-cup nut butter on whole grain bread. Add banana slices or 100% fruit jam.

Other nut butters can be substituted such as cashew, sunflower, hazelnut, or natural peanut butter.

Be sure there are no other added ingredients in the nut butter or fruit jam. It's a P&J that's healthy for anyone, anytime.

Honey Nut Butter Dressing

2 oz. Tahini or natural peanut butter
Juice from 1/2 lemon
1 tsp. Honey
Water to thin the mix to a creamy, pourable consistency

Blend ingredients together and pour over salad. What a great way to turn kids on to the greens !

From Eat Smart, A Guide To Good Health For Kids by Dale Figtree, PhD.


SafetyAlerts/Government Recalls

Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled 0.9% Sodium Chloride
Reason: Mislabeled; incorrect bar code on overwrap of the product.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Schwarz Pharma Has Recalled Levsin Elixir
Reason: Mislabeled front label incorrectly states the product
strength as 0.125 mg/mL rather than correctly as 0.125 mg/5 mL.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Amerisource Health Services Has Recalled Premarin
Reason: Dissolution failure (by manufacturer Wyeth).
Distribution: Nationwide.
King Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled Levoxyl Tablets
Reason: Tablet mixup; bottles labeled to contain Levoxyl 112 mcg were
found to contain Levoxyl and Soloxine 0.2 mg tablets (Vet/Animal
Distribution: Nationwide.
Par Pharmaceutical Has Recalled Amiloride Hydrochloride Tablets
Reason: Mislabeled; Bottle labeled as containing 5 mg Amiloride
Hydrochloride tablets actually contains Minoxidil 2.5 mg tablets.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Albers Medical Distributors Has Recalled LIPITOR Tablets
Reason: Counterfeit product.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Pfizer Has Recalled Actifed Cold & Allergy
Reason: Misbranding; some of the dosing information and/or ingredient
listing information may be missing from the carton.
Distribution: Nationwide.
Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled Vicodin HP Tablets
Reason: Mislabeling: Extended expiration date-product incorrectly
declares expiration date as 6/2006 rather than the correct date of
Distribution: Nationwide.
Abbott Laboratories Has Recalled Tarka Tablets
Reason: Mislabeling: Extended expiration date-product incorrectly
declares expiration date as 12/2004 rather than the correct date of
Distribution: Nationwide and Puerto Rico.
Syntho Pharmaceuticals Has Recalled SYNTEST
Reason: Subpotency: finished product and/or content uniformity
Distribution: Nationwide.
Mallinckrodt Has Recalled Products
Reason: Mislabeling: Entrobar labeled bottles may contain Entrocel
(clear liquid) or Entrocel labeled bottles may contain Entrobar (milky-white
Distribution: Nationwide.
Lilly, Eli & Co Has Recalled Sterile Diluent for Humulin L
Reason: Mislabeling: Entrobar labeled bottles may contain Entrocel
(clear liquid) or Entrocel labeled bottles may contain Entrobar (milky-white
Distribution: Nationwide.
Watson Diagnostic Has Recalled Mexiletine Hydrochloride
Reason: Particulates: vials exhibit white particles/white precipitate
on vial wall which does not resuspend.
Distribution: Nationwide, Canada and Japan.
Walsh Southwest Has Recalled Zyprexa Tablets
Reason: Capsule Defects: Split or broken capsules.
Distribution: Nationwide.


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