Some Questions About Basil, Grinding of Seeds & Nut Butters

In a message dated 1/3/03 5:54:05 PM, Donald writes:

Greetings Rhio,

My name is Donald and I really enjoyed your book "Hooked on Raw" and I have several questions for you.

1) When Basil turns from green to dark, can it still be eaten?

2) When you call for grinding of seeds using a coffee grinder, how do you do it? Do you soak them and let them dry first or do you grind them while they're moist?

3) How do you make nut butter and how long can it stay refrigerated?

Thank you for answering my questions and keep up the good work.


Dear Donald,

Thanks for the positive word on my book.

To answer your questions.

Basil is an herb that does not last very long, even in the refrigerator – 2-3 days at the most. When it goes from its beautiful green shade to dark green, do not use it because it is way past its prime. Basil is very easy to grow, so if you can, try to grow some and just pick it fresh each time.

When you grind seeds in a coffee grinder, there are two ways to do it. 1) If you are only using small quantities, just grind them dry without soaking. 2) For larger amounts, soak, sprout and then dehydrate at low temperature until dry – and then grind.

You can make nut butters in either a Champion juicer or the various Green Life, Green Star, etc. juicers. In the Champion you can only make small quantities before the machine gets too hot, but if you have two sets of attachments for the machine, then you can change the hot parts for the other parts and keep going a little while longer.

The Champion makes the best nut butters. The varions "Green" machines also make the nut butters, but these machines do not grind them as finely. They come out different here, depending on the nut.

With any of the machines, sometimes you have to add in some water to make it creamy. (Some people add in oil – but I prefer water). When you add in water or make nut butters from soaked and sprouted nuts, the nut butter only lasts one, maybe two weeks. When you make the nut butters from dry nuts, it lasts a little longer, but I opt for soaking and sprouting first.

Wishing you many Raw and Joyful Blessings for the New Year.


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