Should I Expect to Feel Worse Before I Feel Better?

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Hello Rhio,

I have just started eating raw in the past week. I have two small children (6 and 4) and a husband who could eat meat all day long. I have noticed that I do feel lighter and more energetic and am hoping I have some health benefits (just have had an overall feeling of sluggishness). I know sometimes during a cleansing process, a person's body feels worse before it feels better. Can I expect that as I go to only fruits and vegetables?

Also, a friend told me that she found (I'm pretty sure on your website) a juicing/cleansing recipe of freshly juiced apples for 3 days and then a Tablespoon of flax seeds with a little olive oil. I searched your website and couldn't locate it. Have you heard of this and if not, what is your opinion on juicing? Thanks for any help you could give.



Dear Darlene,

I'm glad that you are taking some first steps. It won't be easy because of your husband's resistance but when he sees you getting better and better, who knows what can happen?

In the beginning – Yes – you can expect some detoxification symptoms as the body cleanses. And the body cleanses in layers, so you'll have some good days and then some not so good days.

The recipe you describe is called a "Liver Detox". I don't think it is on my website as yet, but I'm pretty sure you can find it at a site called:

My opinion on juicing is that it is absolutely necessary from time to time to go on a juice fast – kind of like Spring Cleaning for the body – except do it with the advent of the different seasons (or any time you want to). A juice fast of a week or ten days, four times a year is perfect in my book. That may seem radical now, but once you're more into the lifestyle you will see that your body asks you for it once every so often. Another reason why juice fasting is so important is that in our modern society we are living in a chemical soup. Chemicals, pesticides and radiation are in the air and water, even in some of the choices we make for cleaning products and cosmetics. It's just too much for a human body to handle – juicing helps to clean us out and keep our immune (defense) systems functioning optimally.

Good luck to you.

With Blessings and Peace,


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