Should I Dive In and Start on All Raw?

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Hello Rhio

| have just become aware of the Raw Energy concept and have read a little about it. On browsing I came across your website and recipes, which I find I would love to try. Can you tell me how best to approach Raw Energy living, dive in and start on all raw or is there a slower and easier way to ease into trying your tantilising recipes?



Dear Jacqui,

Welcome to the world of Nature's Powerful Raw/Living Foods!!! I'm glad that you found this concept and want to adopt some changes.

How you go about it is really a personal choice. Some people can just switch overnight; they adapt and it works for them. But others find that a slower transition works better. Let's say you decide to go all raw from now on, but then when you get into it you find yourself being strongly pulled back into the cooked arena. Then I would say that the better choice for you is to do a slow transition where you add as much raw as you can to your daily diet and then over a period of time find some satisfying substitutes for the cooked dishes that you enjoy. Keep upping the raw and lowering the cooked.

Once you've been on the transition for say 6 months to a year, then try to do 3-6 months on all raw. After that all raw period, I assure you that cooked foods will never taste the same. The cooked food that you eat after that will bring down your energy level. Your body will feel it very clearly. I'm not saying that you might not have enjoyed the cooked meal, only that it will register a lower energy in your body. That's how your body begins to speak to you if you will listen.

Most of us long term raw food enthusiasts have learned that lesson well. And there comes a point after a few years on raw that you will not be able to eat even 1/2 cup of cooked food comfortably. The body/mind just doesn't want it any more and the lifestyle becomes second nature.

The very best of luck to you in this exciting new endeavor.


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