Shea Butter & Jojoba Great for Moisturizing Skin in the Desert

August 4, 2003

Hello Rhio!

I received your book three days ago, and I couldn't put it down! The recipes sound great, and your chapters in the first half of the book offer much comprehensive info. I'll save the more complex recipes for a pot-luck or company, and be more likely to use the simpler ones for day-to-day eating. I already have an Excalibur dehydrator, and it's great! Grocery shopping happens today!

Your kitchen cosmetics section was good, too, because in the transition to a raw lifestyle, what one uses for personal care products is up for review as well as food. Here's a great simple face cream recipe that I've found works in our desert climate outside of Santa Fe: 4 parts of shea butter melted together with 1 part of jojoba oil, and then firmed up in the refrigerator in a little jar. Doesn't have to be kept refrigerated, however. Both of these plants grow in harsh, arid conditions, so it makes sense that the oils would be great for natural skin care in the desert. This totally fixes dry skin, and heals up skin sensitivies brought on by commercial products.

Next month I'm travelling to visit a friend for a few weeks in Hawaii on the most indigenous of the islands – she has a big garden with lots of greens, plus she says the amount of fruit and nuts growing around there is staggering. So I'll have a really big boost to eating raw, plus she teaches yoga!

Many thanks for your prompt service!



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