Seasoned Foods Throwing My Body Out of Balance

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Hello, Thanks for writing back. I spent more time on your sight and find it a wonderful resource, thanks again. I will share the info you have published. I have a question. After having been primarily raw about 1 year and 4 months, spending time at Wigmore Foundation, and twice to Hallelujah Acres I find eating seasoned foods onions, garlic, and Celtic seasalt, throwing my body out of balance. I seem to require less food as I am juicing and taking Barley green daily. Is this common as the body restores and requires less and simpler nourishment? Thank you for all your feed back. I look forward to returning to your site. Bless you,


Dear Rich,

Thank you for the kind words about my site – makes all the hours spent worthwhile.

I am not a practitioner, so please accept the following only as an exchange of ideas and information.

About your question – you are experiencing the simplification that the body eventually demands. Even though I am considered a gourmet raw food chef, I have also greatly simplified my diet as a result of listening to my body. Oh, yes, I do enjoy gourmet raw food occasionally but my daily fare is simpler. This simplification is very common for those who have persevered, but it's hard to explain to people in the beginning of their changeover when they seem to want and need heavier fare. Eventually the body lightens up and begins to utilize the raw food more efficiently, thus you need less food to feel satisfied and still be nourished. You just have to be in the process and experience it for yourself as you are doing now.

I used to be a garlic fiend. I could eat a lot of garlic and I loved it. I never thought that I would let go of the garlic. I certainly never wanted to because I love the flavor of it. But now I find that since my body has changed, I don't seem to need or want as much garlic as before. Things are changing with your body and it's good to tune into it and follow what it wants (as long as it's not wanting a Burger King burger, that is), but you know what I mean – you are probably beyond unnatural cravings anyhow.

One thing I've noticed that happens. I seem to get a craving or taste for garlic (or other particular foods) when my body needs them, like after the WTC tragedy (I live only 11 blocks north of it), at that time my body wanted more garlic. Perhaps something in the garlic was helping my body to cope with the toxicity of the air or something. Anyway I just went with it and have been able to escape any immediate symptoms or effects while all my neighbors are not feeling well. Of course I did more than just the garlic. I am taking other steps to assure my future wellness and that of my family. Air filters, regular saunas, wheatgrass juice and other juices, weekends in the country air, etc.

But what I am trying to say is that at this stage for you, after 1 year and 4 months on raw, you can't go wrong by listening to your body and going with it.

With blessings and peace,


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