Recycle Everything Possible

Help me keep this Directory current, please let me know if a link no longer works.                                                        – Thanks, Rhio

Appliances – Donate: Goodwill: (800) 664-6577 –
Australian Recycling & Environmental News:
Batteries, Rechargeable & Cell Phones:
Computer Disks: (800) 305-DISK –
Computers and Home Electronics: (703) 907-7500 –
Eyeglasses – Donate: Contact your local Lions Club or eye care chain.
Foam Packing Peanuts and Blocks: (800) 828-2214 – (410) 451-8340 –
Freeganism – A site dedicated to revealing human over-consumption & waste:
Oil—American Petroleum Institute lists Used Motor Oil Hotlines for each state, (202) 682-8000 –
Phones (cell): (770) 856-9021 – or
Phones (single-line): (814) 386-2927 –
Recycling Locations for Many Products:
Reusable Building Materials & Large Household Items (Washington State):
Waste Collection Online Shop allows you to navigate to all products on the website servicing Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland:


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