Do You Ever Do Juice Fasting?

In a message dated 7/19/04 12:22:40 AM, San writes:

Thank you for your email. It was very interesting. I have a questions for you. How much water do you drink on a daily basis? Do you ever do juice fasting? What would you drink and do during that period? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

Dear San,

I drink two quarts of water per day. Sometimes if I’m doing a lot of sports or exercise, I will drink a little more. I do juice fasting periodically. Usually 3 or 4 times a year for 10 days each time and also 1 day a week. Because I have fasted regularly for years now, I can usually do all my regular activities. If you are just starting out on fasting then you may have to rest more than usual or even rest completely. Once you’ve fasted a few times, the detoxification process is not so acute. You will still detoxify, but it won’t be too severe because of all the cleaning up that you’ve done previously.

I have two types of fast that I do. One is on fresh juice – and the other is on green coconut water. I usually drink 3 to 4 twelve oz. glasses of juice per day, but someone just starting out may need more juice in the beginning. I drink different kinds of juice during the fasting day. There are many excellent combinations, for example; apple, cilantro, beet & ginger; carrot and celery; celery; jicama, beet & pear; apple & celery; pineapple & greens; carrot, celery, cucumber, parsley & spinach, and etc.

If I’m on the green coconut water, I drink all I want. The coconut water is very refreshing (please don’t confuse this with the Thai coconut water which I find to be too sweet for fasting purposes). To see a picture of the green water coconuts, look in my website’s pictures section. Unfortunately this coconut is not available everywhere.

If you’ve never fasted before it might be helpful to be guided by someone who is knowledgeable about fasting.

Good luck.

With blessings and peace,


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