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I couldn't believe the Potato Salad! I would have NEVER thought raw potatoes could taste so good! Any other chef recommendations? Thanks for all you do!!


Dear Chris:

Yes, it is good. Leigh was the one that put it together for me. I had been trying to make a raw potato salad with my yogurts but it just never came out to his satisfaction. (He's my barometer.) One day he got the idea that instead of the nut yogurts we should use the Almond Mayonnaise, and then it came together beautifully.

From my book, other suggestions are the Broccoli with Chedda, Curried Sugar Snap Peas, French Lentil Tapenade (served on any raw crackers or sliced up root vegetables), Tabbouleh Salad, Indian Cole Slaw — I could go on, but I love em all!

Juliano has a wonderful soup in his book, forgot the name of it but it has Butternut Squash and Mango.

It's a great satisfaction to know that many, many people are finally eating raw and enjoying it and making it a permanent part of their everyday lives.

In friendship,



Hi Rhio,

I will eventually try all of your recipes, but will start with some of these you listed, thank you! We love the minestrone-YUM!, and the Chedda Sauce is the best!! I keep promoting your book without even making a pitch, I just honestly tell everyone how much I love it.

We saw the article on Raw Chefs in the NY Times – fantastic!!! It's quite exciting to have found this lifestyle and like you, just want to help everyone get excited about bringing it into their lives.

Hope your day is happy. Hi to Leigh.

With gratitude,


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