Professional Bowler: One of My Biggest Challenges is Keeping My Energy Up

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I have just discovered the raw food lifestyle and I am very interested in it. I bowl full time on the national PBA Tour (Professional Bowlers Association… I live on the road and am always travelling. I would like to develop this lifestyle and would like advice on incorporating it with my travels. I would appreciate any advice and would be willing to promote this lifestyle. Thank you!



Dear HC,

I'm so glad that you found Nature's wonderful way to health.

I have some advice for you on the road but need to know how you are traveling. Are you traveling by car? or other? Do you stay in motels? Or with friends? Do you stay in a group or by yourself? Do you go to big cities or small towns? I'm sorry I don't know much about the PBA, but from the site you gave me, I think you're probably staying in the bigger cities which is good because you can usually get to a good health food store in the big cities. In small towns it is very difficult to find organic food.

Also, could you let me know what your previous diet was like?

I sense from your note that you must intuitively know that this is the correct lifestyle for humans because of your wanting to promote it already. We welcome you and will try to help in any way possible. You are in a unique position to spread the information to many.

When I receive your response I'll be able to advise you more.

With Blessings and Peace,


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Dear Rhio,

Thanks for your quick reply!. I always travel by car and by myself. I almost always stay in hotels or motels in both big and small cities…Since I have last emailed you I went and bought a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, and some packaged salad and nuts. (Peaches, plums, cherries, grapes, bananas, apricots, pluotos, (spinach, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower packaged but fresh), almonds and pecans). Not really any stucture as far as what and when. I found I have been wanting to eat a lot more than usual and have been feeling great. I used to eat eggs for breakfast most of the time at places like waffle house, lunch is usually subway or a place similar and a lot of chicken and pasta for dinner and I know I was lacking in the fruit and vegetable department. One of my biggest challenges in bowling is keeping my energy up week to week and with travelling and eating out I feel my nutrition has been lacking…Any ideas on structure of what and when to eat are greatly appreciated and ideas on how to promote this lifestyle if you are interested in working together…Bowling is about to show it's face on the forefront of sports and I feel I will be able to put a lot of good things out there if I continue my success. I feel this is going to be a big step for me as I already am feeling the difference. Thank you!!



Dear HC,

Those new to the raw lifestyle have found a section of my website called "Real Letters from Real People" helpful (access it from the Home page at:

It's good that you travel by car and by yourself. That makes things much easier.

If it is at all possible in the budget, stay in efficiencies – they have kitchenettes with refrigerators and counter space for preparing food. But even if you don't find those, you can still make stuff in the bathroom, or, better yet, some motels have the sink and a counter area outside of the bathroom and I've used that area many times for preparing blender soups, juices, salads and even main course dishes.

When I travel, I take a juicer, usually a Champion or a Green Star, a blender, bowls and some plastic type of containers. At home I use glass for storage, but on the road to reduce weight in lugging things, I make the exception with plastic containers for foods I might prepare in the motel and want to take with me for later in the day. I also take a cooler with some ice packs (which you can refreeze in the refrigerator's freezer if you stay in an efficiency).

Lately I've seen some half-size refrigerators in regular motel rooms, usually attached to a microwave oven – I disconnect the microwave from the refrigerator because all microwaves leak radiation even when they're turned off. If there is no way to disconnect the microwave from the refrigerator – then I disconnect the refrigerator and forgo its use or if it's early enough, I find another place to stay.)

Another caution in motels is the digital clock that is on the side table. I usually disconnect this because there are some negative health impacts from digital clocks being by your head.

There is also some radiation coming out of the smoke detector(s) in the motel room. I haven't disconnected that, but if there are two beds, I sleep in the bed farthest from the detector.

If I am staying for two or three days, then I take out my bowls and start sprouting things like lentils, mung beans, buckwheat, etc. – once sprouted, these things will keep well in the cooler at least for 3 days.

Try to shop in health food stores for organic produce. There is so much pesticide and chemical contamination of commercial fruits and vegetables and there is also the danger from genetically engineered produce. (For more information on GE foods, check my website's Articles Section under Biotechnology or the Links Section under Biotechnology)

On my website I also have a Directories section. In the Directories there are listings for Raw Food Potlucks all over the country, also Raw Lifestyle Centers, Teachers and Practitioners and also Raw Dining Events and Caterers. Check those out in each area that you go to and see if you can get connected with other raw food enthusiasts for support, friendship and just so you don't feel so alone in doing what you are doing. It is not easy in the beginning.

Although I note that you say you are feeling better already, be aware that you most likely will go through a few detox episodes. During these times you will not feel so good, but if you persevere, you'll get through and feel much better in the end. The body detoxes in layers, so you may go through some detox events, then feel better for a while, but then it may happen again. It is an individual thing and cannot be predicted.

As far as purchasing vegetables, it is better to purchase them whole instead of in the packages where they are already cut. In the packages it is hard to check the veggies for freshness. Also because the vegetables are already cut, all the cut sides are oxidizing and have much less nutrition. I know it seems like a lot for one person to get a whole cauliflower, as an example, as well as other whole vegetables, but these do keep at least three days in the cooler.

As far as structure and what to eat when – since you're just beginning – just eat what you want (raw). Even eating a lot as you are now doing is OK because remember, you are coming off of eating a much more concentrated diet. When people make the changeover to eating raw food, they may be eating much more than usual in the beginning, for a couple of reasons that come to mind.

First, the fruit and vegetables never stick around in your gut for long, so you get hungry again before you know it. This, of course, is excellent for health since you want to keep things moving on through your system quickly and efficiently. After you've been on the diet for a while, the hunger will taper off and you will not eat as much and still be satisfied. There is an amusing letter in my Real Letters section (under Newcomers to Raw) entitled: "I always seem to be eating" or "I always seem to be hungry." Read that letter and the followups.

Another reason you may be eating more is because your body probably needs the nutrients in those raw foods. It may take a while of what seems like excess eating for the body to replenish itself.

Another suggestion is to read as much about the raw food lifestyle as you can. Of course, I recommend my book, Hooked on Raw, but there are many other excellent books out with lots of information and recipes.

Many great athletes, body builders and sport figures have been vegetarian, vegan and even raw vegan/vegetarian. I believe that your challenge of keeping your energy up will be resolved with the raw food diet and lifestyle.

I encourage you in your idea of sharing the raw food information and let me know how I can help.

With blessings and peace,


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