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Nov. 7, 2001

To whom it may concern: I agreed to recieve this newsletter with the understanding that it was solely a promotion for raw food and other related topics. If this is not the case, then please take me off this mailing list.

Yours sincerely,


Dear John,

I have removed you from my elist as per your request.

Please accept this message in the spirit in which it is sent, as an exchange of ideas and information.

Unfortunately, food issues cannot be separated from political issues. I did not create this situation. Our government has joined forces with private industry to deprive the American people of the information and protections we need to make wise choices. The very agencies that have been put in place to protect the people (EPA, USDA, FDA, etc), favor and protect industry instead.

If we are to get to the core of the tremendous dis-ease issues in this country, we have to know the truth about our food and as I (and other reporters) keep uncovering, we do not.

We have no labeling or even minimum safety testing for GE (genetically engineered) foods. These foods have been shown by independent researchers to be devastating to the immune systems of the animals they were tested on. Many of these researchers have had their funds cut and been fired from their positions. There is now a big push on for weakening of the labeling of irradiated foods. Some processors have gone ahead and illegally labelled them with the euphemistic "cold pasteurization" tag. Our organic standards are now a minimum standard, not an optimum one. Most, if not all, of the key players in the Bush administration have worked for industries which promote all of these and other questionable food production practices.

From the time we are in school throughout our adult life, we are told untruths about food, health and diet and as most of us, who have discovered and thrived on Nature's Food know, we have to dig and dig to find out what is what. This journey (of discovery) depends and is absolutely critical on the freedom to disseminate information, the freedom to receive information, the freedom to share, speak and express, etc.

If you want to get surface information on the raw food diet and related topics, there are many, many sites that will give you that. You can access some of them from the links section of my website under Raw/Live Foods, or you can put the words raw food or live food into a search engine and some sites will come up.

Wishing you the best of everything good,


Dear Rhio,

Please excuse my rash behavior. I do understand the influence that "Big Brother" has in our lives, however I must say that I was a little surprised to find that they were also interested in limiting our health choices. Even more surprised to know that some how the Afghan fiasco has a link to our health choices. If you can fill me in on this one I would certainly appreciate. Until then please, if you are so inclined, add my name to your list once again.

ys Jaya Ram das

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