Peace Message from 4-year old Koya

December 10, 2002

Beloved Friends,

As most of you know, I recently met an amazing four-year-old boy named Koya when I was on tour in Japan, and he is anxious to share his messages with the whole world. He was born paralyzed and needs a letter board to communicate. I met him in Hiroshima after a peace rally there, and was very impressed with his simple wisdom. (There is a photo of Koya at He will be joining us for the Psychic Children's conference in Hawaii in March, 2003 (which is nearly sold out already, so if you want to attend, go to the website today and make your reservation.)

Koya's mother contacted me through a translator and said Koya doesn't want to wait till the conference to begin giving his message. He wants to start now because it is such an important time. She suggested I send a few questions to him, thinking it would help him define his thoughts. This was his reply:

What can you tell the people about bringing peace to the world?

"We should be doing things that are joyous. Just the other day I asked myself, what is peace? That's when I decided that we're not to do things that aren't joyous. If we spend our time with fun things, a peaceful and fun world will come along. I wish everybody can be like that but it's quite difficult! So it's up to us, the children, to get this across.

"You see, the world is already One. I promise you that we'll spread love in the world. All the countries are really the same, so let's join hands and spread our love! Crying isn't joyous, but I'm going to have a big cry when we spread the message of love and our love becomes One."

Other children have told me about how important it is to pretend we are already Emissaries of Love. Can you tell us your feelings about that?

"I think that's true. Children are smart, you know. I mean, each one of us is love. Everything is love! And if you are joyous, you can attract more and more wonderful love into your life.

"Even when you don't have money or a home, you'll be safe as long as you have love. Because our love would never abandon us. Our love will help you realize one day that you too are an Emissary of Love."

What is the children's role in bringing peace?

"If we can spread love, we will have peace. All children wish for peace, so just wait for the new children who are coming into the world now! These children are all really serious about love. Children, including me, are more open about expressing love than grown-ups, so you see, it's not really a role, it's our natural state. We don't think of it as a role. That's why it's easier for children to spread love.

"Don't worry, we will spread the message of love no matter what. Each of us has love in our hearts, and if we can spread it such a wonderful new love will be born. This love has already started, and we'll see more and more love in the coming days. Joyous days are waiting for us."

Simple and so profound! I'm sure you can feel the current of Light coming through those words as easily as I can. Thank you Beloved Koya.

Koya has also been instrumental in helping me design the new "Spoonbenders Course" which will be launched through the Internet on January 1, 2003. (That is when you will be able to sign up for the course.) His meditations were the final ingredient I needed to pull everything together harmoniously. The course is free or by donation, and our goal is for 100,000 people to take it by the beginning of February. We will then launch the "Great Experiment III" on February 9 {2003} when I am in Israel with about 150 other Spiritual Warriors. By then you will be able to bend spoons with your mind, then apply that same technology to bending the whole world toward peace. It will be a miracle, and we want you to be involved.

We will forward more emails from Koya and the other children when we receive them.
Peace Prevails!

James Twyman


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