Peace and Raw Foods Are Related

In a message dated 9/16/02 7:59:56 AM, Nancy writes, referring to Sept. 2002 Hotline:

Hi, Rhio–

I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your latest newsletter–wonderful and challenging things all at once, wow! I think Rep. Kucinich is a politician who needs more exposure. He's taking some courageous and visionary stances on issues, and is able to explain his ideas in a straightforward manner that makes them sound almost mainstream. He's a breath of fresh air in the political climate!

I also wanted let you know about a new project which might be of interest to you, though it's not raw foods related. It's a peace proposal that was just published on 9/10 and is quickly gaining international support:

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Thank you again for your important work helping many of us stay informed about scientific studies and legal/political actions regarding the food we eat. I hope you have had a splendid summer!

In gratitude,

Nancy Ging

Dear Nancy,

Thanks for your kind words of support.

Kucinich is one of the most courageous voices in the House. I wish more people would know about him and support him all the way to the top. I hold that thought, but we need some more awakening for that. But who knows what's possible? – I continue to believe in the elusive Peace on Earth.

My soul rests in spirit. . . while at the same time it tries to cope with the collective reality that we, as a human community, have created.

Thanks for the information on the peace link. To me, peace is raw foods related. There are many connections between peace issues and raw food. I explain it this way. If we don't have peace, and if people are suffering and dying all around us, how can we enjoy eating our organic raw food? How can we eat it with joy and forget that suffering? Oh, we will do it, we will eat, but it won't be the same. Another connection between peace and raw food is that a high percentage of people who eat Nature's food begin to see changes not only in their physical condition over time, but in their feelings of aggression, fear, anger and other negative emotions. These negative emotions begin to have less of a hold on us. Our hearts become peaceful. When more hearts are peaceful, there is less possibility of war. So, as simplistic as it sounds, feeding people with raw food made with love is a very loving political act.

With Blessings and Peace,


In a message dated 10/11/02 3:56:08 PM, Nancy writes:

Thanks, Rhio.

I agree with you about raw food being directly related to peace in the world. In a new book by Thich Nhat Hanh about Anger, he speaks of the need to be mindful of the food we ingest, making sure it does not contain anger. If food is not grown and prepared with love and joy, it will contain the fear and anger and resentment and other emotions with which it is grown, processed, and prepared. We support and further those emotions directly when we purchase food that has been grown without care and processed by bored or resentful processing plant workers. Based on organic growers I know personally, I think organic foods are so much more likely to contain caring emotions and less fear.

So I don't think your approach is simplistic at all. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Deep regards,
Nancy Ging

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