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Hello to all Raw Food Fans,

I was cruising a little bit in the headline "Is there still hope?" {See under Real Letters/Political)

Coming from Germany three years ago to the USA and California, I was a bit shocked about how houses are built on a plot.

There are a nice senseless lawns in front of the houses. Gardeners are hired to mow the lawn every week (even in winter when it grows rather slow). In Germany we are used to do that our selves every other week, if there is a piece of lawn. Here in CA every little dandeline flower that tries to strech its head out of the too short grass, gets its head cut off. (ooohhh how much I love dandeline salad!) The back yards are often much smaller than the front yards. The only reason for a huge front yard is supposely to show off.

An architect and landscaping developer in Europe would quickly run out of business if he would plan houses on a plot like that.

Now it comes:
If lots of the lawn areas would be turned into vegetable gardens and fruit trees on it, how much food could we grow? Endless……… Especially in warmer areas. I sometime have to shake my head about all this waste of land.

Most people in Germany with an own garden are happy to grow their own fruits and vegetable. Even if they have to give it away. If they can't use it all up they usually harvest the fruits, lettuce and vegetable and put them in front of their house on a table, packed in plastic bags, ready to go, with asking for a price that is about the half from the stores. People with no gardens are gladly putting their money in little box and "buy" what they need. So the owner of the food makes also a profit and everybody is happy. The food is of course organic, "home grown".

Of course there are still non-organic farmers in Europe, but not as many and as huge as they are in the USA. They would not survive.

When I read then:
"I have no sympathy for any of the farmers who bought into genetically engineered crops, and who are now faced with financial ruin because of shrinking markets. Their motivations were more money (greed) and they never once stopped to think about the consequences. The cliches that we hear about farmers and their connection to the land, I found to be a myth. They are more concerned with money."

How easy would it be to hurt such farmers and the food industry, if people would change their thinking and the usage of their front yards. The food and farmer giants would have to think about what they are doing.

It would give the weekly gardeners also something productive to do, if the owner has no time to care for the vegetable garden. OOHH how wonderful quiet could it be in the neighborhood without the annoying lawn mowers and leaf blowers!! Who else has the same problem?

Is there a hope to change people's thinking?

Best regards

Gourmet Chef & Raw Food Teacher
Huntington Beach, California

(Sorry for my eventually not so propper English)

Dear Ursula,

I would like to put your letter up on my "Real Letters" section of my website.

Ursula: Oh my, with all my mistakes? *smile* Thank you.

Rhio: Your sentiments reflect ideas that I have thought about for a long time. Food is so expensive and organic food not as readily available, especially in the midwest and rural areas. It would be wonderful if people could get the idea to tear up their unproductive lawns and plant vegetables and fruit trees as you suggest. This is what Americans did during the food shortages of the 1st and 2nd world wars. They called them "Victory Gardens."

Ursula: My husband told me that and I forgot it. How wonderful would it be to get such Victory Gardens back again. In my childhood we were living in a fourplex in Germany. It was the law that the landlord had to provide for the tenants a vegetable garden. If a tenant did not use his part of the garden, he gave it to a neighbor for their needs. All that changed a bit since the last 25 years, since land became so expensive. A garden in bigger towns is simply not anymore everywhere affordable How sad!

Rhio: Also, can you send me the information so that I may put a listing up for you in my Directories section.

Ursula: Here is a little introduction about my husband an me. Short introduction of Ursula & Gerry:
We are both over 40 and living in Huntington Beach (until we find our Farmhouse with ocean view in Orange County, or San Diego? – I know, I'm only dreaming)

Rhio: Dreaming is the seed stage of reality.

Ursula: I am from Germany and have lived here in California for about 3 years. Born in the Black Forest with ice, snow and coocoo-clocks, I learned already very early from my grandma and my ma, how to live pretty healthy with our forest's gourmet treasures like herbs, berries, mushrooms etc. My stepdad was Italian, he taught me the "real" Italian cuisine. Well, after getting tired of ice and snow I moved to Freiburg at the Rhine River, the most taste-bud spoiled area in Germany (FORGET BAVARIA!!!)

I was lucky to get to know some of the "Michelin-Star-Restaurants" and of course the wonderful romantic volcanic wine area with its far more than 1400 years of history. (If you ever need a tour there, let me know. . .) With exploring Italy and South Africa I developed my love for gourmet food more and more.

Coming to California once for holiday I "got stuck." I found my wonderful husband. Sorry to all American Ladies! You should've thought about it earlier. Now it's too late.

Gerry introduced me to Raw Food at the Living Lighthouse in LA two years ago and I loved it. Since then I create Raw Food recipes of the European (German, Italian, French) taste. With all the motivation of Gerry and his friends, I am planning to open up a Gourmet Raw Food Bistro as soon as I found the right financing. (Anyone interested being a partner?)

He is from Milwaukee. A Humorist and Magician. He performed all over the USA, parts of Europe and Japan. Also tired of snow and ice, he moved some years ago to California. He makes me laugh every day with his zesty humor. He is a Vegetarian for many years and started later with raw. Sick of all the restaurant and junk food during his travels, he learned as a hobby how to become a gourmet chef. A magical gourmet chef with humor. What a combination!

Kindest regards,

Rent a Chef &
Gourmet Raw Food Teacher
(714) 840-8042

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