Natural versus Allopathic Medicine

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Greetings Rhio,

Thank you so much for coming to Sacramento and speaking. I enjoyed your visit very much.

I didn't have the chance to speak with you since there were several people around you waiting for their turn to meet you.

I was very impressed with the information you provided regarding natural medicine verses allopathic. Do you have anything in writing you could send me? I am a nutritionist that supports a Raw diet and I am asked regularly why the medical system has failed to identify a specific health condition or why the condition wasn't treated but masked with a drug. You gave a very thorough explanation.

I am also interested in the bread you prepared for us. Can I get the recipe? I didn't pick up your book that night since I didn't have any cash with me but I have ordered it. Is it in the book?

Thank you for your time in responding to my email.

Think Healthy thoughts,


Dear Pam,

I am extremely pleased whenever doctors and nutritionists find value in my lectures, and I thank you for letting me know.

I do not have any articles on the subject right now, but I am developing a chapter or two in my new book devoted to the topic of my talk that evening. However, that book (Hooked on Raw for Life) won't be out for awhile.

There are some books that I could suggest that have parts of the information in them.

One is Sick and Tired by Robert Young. He has some of the information there. While I do not agree with his entire program, it has worked well for a lot of people. (The parts where I disagree are – he removes fruit from the diet forever – I think fruit should only be removed as a temporary measure and once the body is well, reintroduced gradually). Other books are Bechamp or Pasteur? by E. Douglas Hume, Rethinking Pasteur's Germ Theory by Nancy Appleton, Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore Baroody and The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is not Immunization by Tim O'Shea.

You could do a google search to find information on Antoine Bechamp, Claude Bernard, Gunther Enderlein, Virginia Livingston Wheeler, Gaston Naessons – these are just some of the 50 or more scientists that have discovered and verified pleomorphism as a basic truth of biology. (Most of them did this without knowledge of the work of the others.)

The bread/pizza crust/cracker recipe that I demonstrated is not in my present book, but will be in the new book. However, I have put the recipe below.

With blessings and peace,


Bread/Pizza Crust/Cracker Recipe

1 cup almond pulp (left over from making Almond milk or yogurt) OR if no almond pulp is available, use 1 cup soaked and peeled almonds
1/2 cup golden flaxseed
1 small zucchini or cucumber
1/4 cup onion
1/2 tsp. Celtic sea salt
small amount of filtered water, only if necessary to process to a dough.

1) Put all the ingredients into a food processor and utilizing the "S" blade, blend well.

2) Transfer the dough to a Teflex-lined dehydrator tray and with your hands mold it into a circle or square shape, approximately 1/8 to 1/4 " thick. If you are making a pizza base, crimp up the edge all around.

3) Put the tray into the dehydrator at 100° F overnight or until dry, but still flexible. If you let it dehydrate longer, it becomes a cracker.

Store the Flexible version in the refrigerator. Store the hard cracker in a cookie jar at room temperature.

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