My Husband Free of Epilepsy in Six Weeks

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Hi Rhio,

Thanks for your newsletter and especially this awesome issue that really hit home (Feb. 2003). I personally have been in 3 health lectures of Dr. Day's and love that women for who she is and what she represents–truth!! I loved the letter you shared, as I have not seen it before, but glad Dr. Day's name continues to circulate to those who are desiring to be more proactive in their own well being–as a choice we all are entitled to!

Just felt I had to thank you for all your hard work as I neglected to do it till now.

I have seen my own husband 25+ years free of epilepsy in 6 weeks, with only 10 days on waiting for what steps I would take for him, as he chose dilantin for that short period of time. Today he's still a living testimony and we were not even knowing the raw movement thing, but were doing lots of fresh salads/fruits, but coupled with the SAD diet–meat/potatoes.

Growing up in a Jewish home, I was a great cook, but with raw I am creative and would say just as good. I have health/wellness ministry/business or whatever you want to call it, and have studied with Geo. Malkamus too. He's a great man and is radical in his own way, like Dr. Day–also with a cancer testimony of, I think, 26 yrs. now. Recently there has been a group of people, including health ministers as he calls them through his training, who have gone forward to attack his teachings. They went back to the animal based diets which got them sick, then the raw 85% which brought them back to health, now back to old ways. They have a cheering crowd behind them who couldn't obviously live without animal products, including Chet Day who believes we still need to eat animal products. In any event, I judge not their choices, as I can't change them. Just a hardy thanks and if you want to use this note, please use it with my initials only…

Best of everything to you.


Dear CG,

Thank you for your appreciation of my work and for sharing a bit of your life with me. Would you like to share a little more information about your husband's recovery for others in similar situations?

With Blessings,


February 23, 2003

Dear Rhio,

My husband, 25 years ago, had a one time epileptic seizure in bed. Not knowing what was going on, nor to check his pulse to see if he was alive, I called for emergency help rushing him to the hospital. He was then tested and diagnosed with epilepsy. Next day being his birthday, we had scheduled a neurologist's appt. and confirmed he had the "incurable disease." At the time of his sickness we were striving towards adopting a vegetarian diet, but he was "not" excited till he got sick and needed to make changes. It was an overnight dietary change for us to adopt. The doctor of course put him on Dilantin, a drug, as I searched for further answers. We were at this time shopping heavily at health food stores, making new friends and getting some referrals for more holistic help. Well to make a long story short, it was through dietary changes, seeing a naturopathic physician, detoxing, accupuncture, cranial adjustment, some herbs, some supplements, and only 10 days on this nasty drug, a second brain test done at the hospital again, by the same woman, confirmed total freedom. It was a total of 6 weeks from the start of the seizure to the 2nd test that we saw a victory in my husband's life without any reoccurrence or signs to show any hint of this disease.

For my husband it was called epilepsy. For others they may be fighting another form of a disease, but having a health/wellness business, I realize there are few people as brave as my husband who are willing to take charge of their health. It's easier to give your "reins" over to someone who is merely invested in your "wallet" than they are in your recovery having to support the drug industry forever. We knew from the neurologist that he believed there was no hope for my husband's recovery and when I called the office to let them know of his second brain test showing these fabulous results, he told his office assistant to tell me to "keep him on drugs."

The story ends with a wonderful ending, but there are so many who can also have a happy ending if they are willing to take charge of the body they are entrusted with. I hope this reading will encourage others to become proactive in their own health journey and not give those reins over to someone else. If you are not able to pay for services, most doctors will turn their backs on you, so why not take care of your body now and spend as little time and money with those who support an industry that promotes "more and more drugs." It's your choice and just my experience as I share about the recovery of my husband from his short-lived bout with epilepsy.

Through many dietary phases we have found the simplest one to be raw. For some it may not be as easy, but for us, it's the one way that our life can be simplified and detoxing {symptoms} happens to a minimum. In cases the flu could be 3 hours or a cold overnight. Isn't that exciting? Of course with eating raw, comes new friends so I gather twice a month with other "raw-heads" or "wanna-be" who are curious or excited enough to gather. It's an individual journey so now's your chance to start!! Enjoy your own journey as only you can do it for you!! Great health to all readers of this testimony.


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