My Family Doesn’t Believe in Me!

In a message dated 1/27/02 2:13:42 AM, Brooke writes:

Hi! I am in Vancouver, Washington tending to my family who are going thru major health crisis…brother and father have cancer, with radical surgery, and radiation, and mom fell and broke her hip (osteoporosis), and then she had two heart attacks….my family doesn't believe in me…and I wasn't either…but now I do! 🙂

So, I GOT IT! Time to go back to raw!

Rev. Gabrielle Chavez is someone who I have just met on the phone. She is a pastor of the United Church of Christ, and so is my brother! They know each other! WOW! Thank you, God for bringing someone into his life who may help him!!! I understand that her husband was just with you guys in NYC. Thanks for holding the light.


Dear Brooke,

I'm sorry to hear about your family's health problems.

Don't worry about family not believing in you. I find that I have greater influence on perfect strangers, rather than on family. It seems to be a sad fact of our life as teachers and we must accept it and move on. I know it is easier said than done. We love our family and we want them to be well, but people have to be allowed to make their own choices even if those choices harm them. Family will call in a crisis and want advice but they usually don't take any life changing actions. Please don't let it get you down. Believe in yourself – that is enough.

Yes, Thomas stayed with us a few days. I was so busy I didn't even get a chance to talk to him and he also left very early and got home late as he was attending a religious seminar of some kind.

Perhaps your brother will be influenced – that is good.

God bless you and keep you strong.



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