Master Cleanse by Helena R. Brown

The Master Cleanse
by Helena R. Brown

I’m on day seven. My desire for solid foods has been steadily dwindling. Generally I have a large appetite; the kind that causes people to say 'you can't possibly eat all of that can you?' I've realized in the last month or so that it is not that I am so enormously hungry or that my stomach is so in need of food. The cause is actually far simpler than that: I am addicted to food. I yearn for certain foods-particular preservatives, flavours, textures, tastes and smells. My subconscious mind longs for less than healthy foods to represent freedom from all those nutritional yokes, yet my body longs to enjoy easily digestible foods. I've begun to realize that my body's desires are superior and less damaging than my mind's. I've also noticed that vitamins don't make me feel any healthier.

"For the most part, use of drugs has been minimal throughout history. It took modern chemistry, medicine, and greed, for profits and power to create a monster of addiction and suffering. The drugs that were used to relieve suffering, created misery and suffering by addiction," (Stanley Burroughs). Nearly 100,000 Americans die yearly from medical error and misdiagnosis. On top of that almost 75,000 senior citizens die yearly from drug error.

In the 1970's natural healer Stanley Burroughs developed a way to clean impurities and disease out of the human body while simultaneously providing the body with vital nutrients to remain healthy and alert. This 'Master Cleanse' or 'lemonade diet' was credited to evade doctors and their commercialized medicinal practices while also attempting, as Burroughs wrote, "to bring you hope, to bring you knowledge [and] to bring you the truth."

In order to keep the body healthy, elimination of toxins is necessary. As the body is cleansed of toxins, disease and ailments unknown to the host are flushed through the digestive track. This assists in avoiding the pain and suffering that physicians frequently create focusing only on isolated problems. By focusing singularly, the medications physicians provide often create additional problems while never fully addressing the initial cause. The toxins that initially create these diseases derive from our eating habits, lack of exercise, and spiritual void. By mastering these weaknesses and developing positive habits the ill effects are gradually decreased and corrected whilst creating a more perfect body. We are all aware to some extent of the 'healthy' way of being, and many of us attempt to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, yet it is difficult to master the trifecta of physical, mental and spiritual health. Without a positive combination of these three factors a healing system is incomplete. For more than 40 years the Master Cleanse has enjoyed a reputation around the world of being the most successful diet of its type. "Nothing can compare with its rapidity and completeness. It is superior in every way as a reducing and body conditioning diet," (Stanley Burroughs).

A sodium deficiency occurs in the diet when one eats meat. The sodium lining in the stomach is not being replaced. As a result the digestive juices begin to digest the stomach, which ultimately produce an ulcer. Meat, especially fowl, takes longer to digest than fruits or vegetables sometimes remaining in the stomach for more than two hours where it begins to spoil. All solid food must be in a liquid form to join with the blood before it is able to nourish the body. The lemonade diet is a successful cleaning agent, for it is already in a liquid form.

The cleanse is simplistic and void of double meanings attempting to prove its theory. It is straightforward and truthful. Denying this method's veracity is tantamount to denying the body's ability to heal itself. Whether you agree with Burroughs or disagree it does not diminish the fact that the principles of the master cleanse may be true.

As science creates more medicinal 'remedies' we complicate our body's ability to heal itself. Scientists claim that germs are the root of our illnesses and therefore must be destroyed. Natural medicine argues that as we constantly attempt to destroy the germs and viruses we will continue to destroy our bodies in the process. Germs and viruses, Burroughs claims, exist to break down waste material and can do no harm to healthy body tissue until we create a breeding ground for them to multiply. In short, Burroughs contends that human beings have created all of the diseases that we are plagued with. As a whole we have not discovered or accepted the superlative strength-building foods meant for man's consumption. By using these foods we can build healthy bodies and eliminate mucus formation and toxic foods that amplify unhealthy bodies. It is imperative that a cleansing diet include material to build the body while eliminating waste.

Lemons and limes provide the greatest source of vitamins and minerals known to man. The cleanse originated when Burroughs suspected that combining some ingredients with lemons might heal an ulcer that doctors had X-rayed and determined required surgery. The lemonade diet rapidly diminished the ulcer. These results remained consistent for many other cases of ulcers. In addition to its health benefits, the cleanse is an ideal reducing diet, for it dissolves all forms of fatty tissue at a rate of roughly two pounds a day. As the body is cleansed and strengthened, mucus diseases such as asthma, colds and the common flu are flushed through the body clearing the sinus cavity, creating ease when breathing. The purpose of this lemonade diet is to dissolve and eliminate toxins resting in the body while also cleaning the kidneys and digestive system by eliminating all useless waste and unusable material in the muscles and joints. This will purify the body’s cells and glands creating a healthy bloodstream while relieving pressure in the nerves, arteries and blood stream.

In order to be effective, the diet must be followed for a minimum of 10 days. Although it has been followed safely beyond 40 days since it contains all the nutrition necessary to remain healthy. Burroughs recommends its use three or four times a year. The cleanse provides vitamins, food and energy necessary for sustainability in a liquid form. The ingredients remove cravings whether caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or solid food. Most people can participate in their daily routines and business.

The lemonade is created by combining:

2 Tbsp organic lemon or lime juice
2 Tbsp organic maple syrup preferably Grade B
1/10 tsp cayenne pepper (to prevent mucus formation-remember germs thrive in mucus)
8 oz. water

Drink 6 to 12 glasses a day.

The diet provides enough nutrition independently, so there is no need to add vitamin supplements. Genuine maple syrup as opposed to maple flavored syrup must be used, for it is a balanced form of positive and negative sugars containing a large collection of vitamins and minerals. Healthy tissue is not eliminated with this diet. The only things removed from the body are mucus, waste and disease. In order to help rid waste from the body, a laxative herbal tea should be used first thing in the morning and last thing at night. No solid food should be consumed through the diet’s duration. If there is any snacking however make sure it is uncooked nuts, seeds or fruits.

A good sign that the diet is complete is when the tongue is naturally pink and clean looking. During the diet it becomes badly coated.

To avoid shocking the digestive system, it is important to come off of the diet gradually. In lieu of food, the diet should be concluded by drinking several 8 oz. glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice for the first two days. This prepares the system to digest solid food properly. From the third day it is okay to begin eating solid food while trying to change over to the raw fruit, nut and vegetable diet.

Recap: Be sure to follow the directions closely. The night before beginning the diet, prepare yourself mentally to participate in the diet as long as necessary to regain optimum health, and drink a cup of herbal laxative tea before bed. Begin the next morning with a cup of the tea followed throughout the day with 6 to 10 glasses of the lemonade. What I appreciate about this cleanse is that it keeps me energized and alert. I have noticed that my sense of smell has improved. My previously constant migraines have faded, and I have a newfound sense of strength although perhaps that has to do more with my recent obsession with the Iron Man contest. Either way I appreciate Burke Bryant’s (the founder of LifeForce Foods see: ) support throughout. He initially introduced me to the cleanse by telling me about an acquaintance of his who partook in it and discovered parasites leaving his body via his feces around day six. I was so intrigued and disturbed by this story that I had to try the cleanse. Originally I doubted my capability to last this long without solid food, yet I am completely amazed at my strength and newfound focus and concentration. Previously I had no conception of the importance of cleaning the system; Diet Coke works well on clogged drains after all, but now I am so thankful that I have carried on. I will undoubtedly do this at least three times a year, for I feel a wonderful sense of purity and youthfulness. It feels as though I have released years’ worth of waste. The best part is: I have.

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