Many Blessings on your New Farm

June 10, 2002

{to Rhio}

Congratulations! Many blessings on your new farm and with it – your new lifestyle. Living close to the land is a true gift that, unfortunately, not everyone will experience in their lives. Years ago I was moved by reading the "Paradisean Newsletter" written by Ruth Marie Lovewisdom (included in the book Life In The 21st Century, edited by Viktoras Kulvinskas). She spoke of knowing from an early age that the most important goal in life was to own a piece of land on which to build Paradise. What a lucky woman! I believe, as I know you and Leigh do, that working the land and growing your own food is one of the most important ways to spend one's time and energy. In fact, when you are interested in a long, healthy life, it actually becomes a priority – almost any kind of transportation strike could cut us off from our usual sources of organic food. And when you're growing, harvesting, sharing and eating your own fine food, all the rest of your life seems to fall into place – you have a sense of balance, well-being, accomplishment, and security. I wish you and Leigh every happiness and continued good health and energy in your "new life".

My son and I went to hear Paul Nison and Dr. Fred Bisci speak here in Sarasota on Friday night – what fun! Paul is a cutie and we all enjoyed his "Brooklynese" accent! I was excited to see how many people were there that evening – with actually very little publicity. There were probably about 75 or so, and everyone was so interested and involved. Very heartening.

Rhio – you're more than welcome to use anything I send in your newsletter – the only possible "downside" is that Sarasota is growing by such leaps and bounds that any positive publicity may do more harm than good! But honestly, it is such a beautiful spot and is so supportive of "alternative" ways of thinking – I actually like to get the word out that Sarasota is not simply one big retirement home. Friday night reinforced that feeling as I looked around the room and saw all the folks who turned out and paid $20 to hear about the raw food lifestyle.

Good luck to you and all the hard work and love you'll be pouring into your farm – everyone who works the earth with love and gratitude helps the entire planet and all the creatures on it.

Love and good wishes,


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