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Dear Rhio,

I am sorry to read that you are so antagonistic toward conservative thinking people. {responding to Jan. hotline – see below} I wish to inform you that as a reader of your liberal slanted newsletter, I am really much more interested in your raw food ideas and possibly recipes than your leftist leaning political stands. However, since you started this, John Ashcroft is a responsible and honest man who does the right thing as he sees it (as I'm sure you feel that you do as well). I will be supporting him as Attorney General as I believe we have just had 8 years of judicial tyranny under a very foolish, ignorant woman who obstructed justice more that she upheld it. God help this nation if we should not get some honest leadership.

I also believe that you must be unaware that Clinton put many millions of acres of our parks into national monument status that does not even allow for citizens to set foot upon it. Who on earth are we saving this for? As for the pristine Alaska tundra, how many acres does a pipeline take and did you know that our oil shortages can be directly linked to Clinton/Gore shutting of our previous pipeline from Alaska and prohibiting other new sites from being explored. Witness the fuel shortages in CA. This is only the beginning of the effects of the environmental whacko's stupid thinking. The states that Clinton took land from are furious and will no doubt pursue action to retrieve their lands.

As for John Stossel, and organic foods, you need to remember that organic is just a name for a substance from the ground and the real term used on certain foods is "certified organic". I hope that you will stick to raw and living foods in your next letter. I am really interested in leaning more about getting some good easy recipes as I believe that good health is necessary in this generation more than ever before. God will not be mocked.


Dear E:

I believe and hope that we can cordially agree to disagree. I note that you did not cancel your subscription to my elist, so I believe that you are an open-minded person. Many people who cannot hear opposing views to their own, just write remove {from the elist} and that's the end of it. In the future, because I will be doing two newsletters, one for issues and the other for events, you will be able to tune out my issues newsletter and just open the one that you want.

I am happy that you are interested in my ideas on the raw diet, recipes & lifestyle. However, in the longer view, food and politics cannot be separated. This is because so many things that politicians and their cronies (and financial supporters) in the industrial sectors have done impact directly on our food, air, water and health. In addition, government organizations initially designed to protect people and the environment, such as the Food and Drug Administration, The United States Department of Agriculture, The Environmental Protection Agency, etc. have abdicated their responsibilities to you and me – the people – and to our earthmother.

I am not antagonistic to conservative thinking people, only some of the ideas that they hold. I never like to label people because I have found that we are all a combination of liberal and conservative, it just depends on the issue. If you will note, I did not call the politicians by any names (conservative, right wing, etc) I only referred to their environmental records, and the unlikelihood (based on those records) that they would do right by the environment in these positions of power.

I do not know John Ashcroft; he may very well be a decent and honest man as you say. But even upstanding people hold and move forward on ideas that are detrimental to the environment, and human and animal health. Why would people be dying of heart disease, cancer and other diseases? These are good people, but they do not hold ideas beneficial to their own wellbeing. They do not know about or follow the rules as set out by nature. They do not know how to take care of themselves to stay well.

Aside from that, our environment, particularly in the last 60-70 years or so has become extremely polluted. This impacts health in a negative way. Human immune systems were not designed by nature to have to remove the myriad of poisons and toxins that are dumped on us regularly. The human immune system was designed to filter out nonbeneficial bacteria, viruses, dirt, and the products of our own metabolism. Now, this same immune system is also forced to filter out the thousands of chemicals in modern life. This is why we are breaking down. This is why we are dying in droves.

I am happy to report that the question of oil supplies is going to be moot very soon with the introduction of fuel cells. (A topic for a future hotline). Fuel cells have been developed which create electricity from hydrogen and air (oxygen) and the by product is water – just water. Some buses in Chicago, Vancouver and other places are using these fuel cells and there is 0 pollution. These are the types of technologies I'd like to see our politicians move forward with and support, but can we really expect this to happen when we have 2 oilmen in the White House?

Clinton/Gore did not fulfill their promise as environmentalists, in my estimation. They were a disappointment to me. Clinton further deregulated the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) rules to allow broadcasting corporations to own as many radio or TV stations as they want (or can afford to buy) in any city, thus creating a monopoly in our communications. This is unprecedented in our history and I hope it can be undone. Why should only a very few companies be allowed to monopolize all the radio and tv stations, thus effectively blocking out any ideas that are not in line with their own corporate agenda? The ownership of multiple radio stations traditionally used to be limited to the ownership of one AM station and one FM station in a city. This ruling goes back to the beginning of the FCC licensing of radio stations which commenced around the 1920s. In New York City today, CBS/Infinity owns approximately ten radio stations. If you are talent and someone doesn't like you at one station, you don't work at ten stations. If you are an advertiser, the price of buying media is fixed and, if you are an independent news provider, your stories won't get on the air. This is against all American democratic principles and used to be against Anti-Trust Laws and the policies of the FCC.

Organic, according to the dictionary has many meanings. But organic is also a term, commonly and popularly used to describe food which is grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and not treated with fungicides. The certification only comes in because some so called organic farmers are not, so the public has to be protected from them. Certification programs are to maintain some reasonable assurance that the food is grown according to organic standards.

I hope that you receive this letter in the spirit in which it was written. Simply as an exchange of ideas.

Many blessings to you,



January 16, 2001

Dear Rhio,

Thanks for the letter. I accept your viewpoint and agree that there are many things that can be done to improve our environment. I agree that many people are dying who should still be alive. I believe that the fast food industry with its uncooked meats being handled by inexperienced help are a lot of the problem. Parasites being transferred via utensils from one piece of meat to another uncooked and cooked mixed up. I also believe that we, as a nation have a big problem acknowledging the parasite problem currently present in humans. Since so many of our products have solvents in them in varying amounts, the parasites wind up passing through the intestinal wall and entering the liver and then on to weak areas.

I truly hope that fuel cells are the answer. However the cost to change over and the time involved makes this a fix of the future. However, it is a start. I believe that there are many answers to our problems but as you say, the monopolies have kept many out of the market to ensure their continued profits.

I look forward to hearing more about raw and living foods as they are the best answer to our weakened bodies. However, getting really good, fresh food is not always easy or available at reasonable cost. there is much to be done and we cannot afford animosities. I have a great deal of hope for this coming administration but I am aware that every president is truly not really in charge. The big money banks of the world keep even our president in line.

Hope we can continue to dialog,



Dear E,

I wish I could share your hope for the coming administration. (I would like nothing better than to be proved wrong). I will however, pray for all politician's enlightenment, because where there is light it's easier to see things clearly.

I see by your letter that there are many points upon which we agree. I had a feeling about that. Things are never just black and white (liberal and conservative), there are many gradations in between.

I don't know where you live, but if you are in Brooklyn, there is a great food co-op where you can get organic food at 20% above cost. It's called the Park Slope Food Co-op and they are located in Park Slope on Union Street near 7th Ave. There's also a delivery service of organic produce called Urban Organic that delivers all over the city and Brooklyn, but that costs more money.

Yes, let's not have animosities, let's find the common ground and continue to dialog.


A Portion of the January, 2001 Hotline

Christine Todd Whitman, Governor of New Jersey, is President-select George W. Bush’s nominee for Director of the Environmental Protection Agency. Having Christine Whitman in charge of environmental affairs would be funny . . . if it wasn’t so deadly serious. Has anybody been to New Jersey lately? That state and Texas are in competition for the title of "Most Polluted Environment". According to a study in Preventative Medicine, breast cancer rates in New Jersey — where 21 counties have hazardous waste disposal sites — were the highest in the nation. Christine Whitman did away with the state’s environmental prosecutor. What does that tell you? Christine Whitman has shown by her abysmal record that she is no friend to the environment.

Other nominees include Gale Norton as The Secretary of the Interior and John Ashcroft as Attorney General. The Secretary of the Interior presides over federal lands. According to Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club, "Gale Norton favors increasing the commercial and environmentally destructive development of our national parks, forests and wild lands." She has also labeled government protections of endangered species an example of excessive regulation. Under the Reagan Administration she authored legal opinions to support oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Isn’t Norton a perfect appointee to protect the last remaining 5% of our national wild public lands? That’s the 5% that we, as conscious human beings, want to preserve for our children, grandchildren, and future generations, so that they won’t have to go to a museum to see what the natural world looked like before we sold it down the river.

John Ashcroft voted against additional funding for environmental programs including the Clean Water Action Plan and toxic waste cleanups at Superfund sites. He voted in favor of bills to roll back clean water standards, and to allow mining companies to dump cyanide and other mining waste on public lands next to mining sites. Carl Pope of the Sierra Club says "In light of his poor environmental record and his open hostility to most environmental laws, how can we expect Senator Ashcroft, as Attorney General, to enforce environmental laws?"

If you’ve never done so before, now is the time to get involved with and support environmental groups. Also, write to your senators and representatives to ask them not to approve these appointments. Whether it will do any good to write to republicans is iffy, but the democrats, and independents can, if they don’t buckle, stop these appointments from going through. Write to them and ask them to stand firm for the environment, by not allowing these obvious pawns for unbridled corporate greed to be placed in these positions of power.

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