Letter from Dr. Robert Young


Dear Family and Friends,

We just visited our first Baltic Capital, Copenhagen and found this 1000 year old city fascinating and rich with history. We are on our way to St. Petersburg and then to Moscow. I have always been intrigued with Russia and its research in electro/magnetic fields and the effects on the human organism. In fact, the Russian's for many years during the cold war directed EMF at the American Embassy to cause the staff inside to get sick. Many have since returned from Russia with an array of cancers, leukemia's, chronic fatigue, etc. It is a dark example of when you change the context of the energy fields, matter begins to disorganize. Not only is the pH balance (7.365 pH) important in biological systems but also equally as important are the energy fields (-1mv). When these two important factors are compromised the body begins to disorganize.

There are an array of different ways to compromise the internal terrain of biological systems, especially the human body. One of those ways is by drinking carbonated drinks, especially the diet ones which contain aspartame. I thought you might enjoy the following information which some of you may have already received but has been updated to reflect the "New Biology" point of view.


The photo of a crumpled can of Diet Coke told the story in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, 1-30-2000, Coke's hometown paper. Fitting, poetic, just, but tragic for the company once rated "The Most Admired Business in the World". Today Coke wouldn't even make the list. Sales are down, profits collapsing, and 6,000 employees soon will be gone. To make room for 6,000 defense attorneys? The tragedy is stupendously larger than 6,000 jobs; it affects hundreds of millions of unwarned, innocent, afflicted consumers across the broad face of planet earth.

This crisis can't be solved by belt tightening, greater efficiency, more advertising, etc. It's so bad Coke can't say the word; to pronounce it will bring instant cataclysm. That word is aspartame, and their only recourse is denial, denial, denial, though every ad and commercial builds higher the scaffold upon which Coke shall surely hang. Reality is in that twisted Diet coke can. It's poison. It's killing the unborn, raining tumors and seizures on the population, destroying children, incapacitating workers, mimicking MS, erasing memory and blinding.

Inexorably Diet Coke visits a plague of 92 symptoms listed by our FDA on a secret report they'll never show which names diet soda as the first source of aspartame disease. And yes, Death was one of the 92. Diet Coke is poison.

And it's addictive, some victims drink several liters a day and keep it on their nightstands. If Coke changes the formula to remove aspartame the world will heal and the surge of hatred and vengeance by the disabled and bereaved shall certainly destroy Coca Cola.

The poison in Diet Coke is aspartame. As a member of the National Soft Drink Association, Coke opposed FDA approval of aspartame for beverages. Their objections, running to several pages published in the Congressional Record of 5/7/85, said aspartame is uniquely and inherently unstable and breaks down in the can. It decomposes into formaldehyde, methyl alcohol, formic acid, diketopiperazine and other toxins. All are highly toxic acids and are considered neurotoxins. In other words, they kill brain cells.

In a study on 7 monkeys, 5 had grand mal seizures and one died, a casualty rate of 86%. Coke knew; and knowing, broke their good faith contract with customers, a breach exhibited by the recent plot to program vending machines to raise the price with the temperature. Dissatisfied with selling flavored sugar water plus phosphoric acid, they switched to pushing an addictive formula called "Diet". Addictive substances multiply markets, so Diet Coke soared off the sales charts, spreading obesity in its flight. We're fatter because aspartame suppresses seratonin and makes us crave carbohydrates. Our brain is programmed to expect calories and carbohydrates when experiencing a sweet taste. When it doesn't get them, it triggers HUNGER. These extra carbohydrates ferment to other acids and in combination with the acids from aspartame they activate Low Density Lipoproteins to bind these highly toxic acids. This is why we get fat drinking carbonated drinks. The fat is saving our lives because of their binding of the acids as a protective biological mechanism.

So why is aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal/Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi/etc on the market and in thousands of foods? Can you say CORRUPTION? One FDA Commissioner and one acting Commissioner have changed sides to work in the NutraSweet industry, plus 6 underlings and two federal attorneys assigned to prosecute NutraSweet for submitting fraudulent tests to get it approved. "It's like a script for Abbott & Costello." lamented an honest FDA scientist writing to Senator Metzenbaum. It works like this: "Approve our poison, and when you stop being a bureaucrat we'll make you a plutocrat! After its licensed we'll pay off the American Dietetics, the American Diabetes Association, the AMA and anyone we need who's for sale."

The jig's up! Worldwide consumer action has exposed aspartame, and millions have kicked the habit. Coke's profits are down 37% and for a year Monsanto's been trying to sell the NutraSweet Company. Finally they sold NSC, producer of the phenylalanine in NutraSweet for $125 million. Now Monsanto faces a $71 million lawsuit for exaggerating profits. Monsanto stock is in the toilet, but they may have found a buyer in the Swiss firm Pharmacia-Upjohn. P.U. for short! The deal won't finalize for a year.

The plans are to ditch the Monsanto name as its stench is unendurable. CEO Bob Shapiro may soon be history, like Doug Investor of Coke who just resigned.

Will the last one out please turn out the lights! The next time you reach for a diet drink (or some Sweet & Low), please consider some Super Greens or veggie juice or if you must some diluted fruit juice. You will be much healthier.

Have a Super Green Day – the "Real Thing!"

In Love and InnerLight

Rob and Shelley

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