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In a message dated 11/19/01 6:02:03 AM, Bruce and Gracia Perlstein write:

Hi Rhio,

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying your book. We have been 100% raw foodists for years with occasional fall backs into the land of the cooked. Your book is keeping us on the right path with renewed vigor with every new recipe we try. It's very exciting to try something new in the book knowing that it's sure to come out amazingly delicious. We think you are a genius the way you mix the flavors, textures and nutrients together. My wife has never trusted a recipe book before, now she swears by it as it is helping to transform her old way of thinking about ingredient combinations.

Your work is a big part of our lives at the moment and we just wanted to say hi and thank you for all your trials and tribulations. It was a very worthy endeavor that we sincerely appreciate. Happy holidays,

Bruce & Gracia Perlstein 


Honestly, I didn't pay them to write this!!! R.

Dear Bruce and Gracia,

From your wonderful letter to me I am gratified to know that, at least for some, my book is more than serving the purpose for which it was written!!

peace and blessings,


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