I’ve Been Assaulted by Liver Spots

November 22, 2001

Hi! My name is T. and I just turned 40 years old; and, seemingly overnight, I've been assaulted by countless liver (aging) spots all over my arms, hands, and neck. Most of the info I've been able to dig up about these spots suggests that they are caused by excess exposure to the sun. The only problem is I hardly ever go out in the sun!

My diet, however, has not been that great–with way too many sweets and processed foods (although I don't eat meat, don't smoke, and only have an occasional alcoholic drink). This is quite distressing to me, especially due to the fact that more and more of these spots keep appearing on a daily basis! Even more upsetting to me is the fact that none of my friends—who are the same age as me and most of whom DO smoke and drink and have diets much worse than mine—have ANY such blemishes on their bodies!

I've heard that putting pure aloe juice on these spots (on a frequent basis) will eventually make them disappear (which I've been doing for two weeks now). But isn't this just treating the EFFECT rather than the cause? I've also read that a 40-day water fast is almost GUARANTEED to make these spots disappear. But isn't this a severe and radical approach?

I can't believe how much my body is falling apart now that I've turned 40. For instance, all the areas of my body that stretch (like my arms around the bicep area) are now holding permanent creases (wrinkles, stretch marks). Instead of looking 40, I have the body of someone much much older! I'm very interested in the ideas of Gabriel Cousens, who suggests that the aging and destruction of the body can actually be reversed. can this actually be true? I'm convinced that what I've done to my body is MEANT to turn me in the direction of health and healing. Do you have any suggestions on how I can combat this assault on my body — particularly these age spots?

Thank you,


Dear T,

I am not a practitioner or doctor so do not take the following information as medical advice of any kind, only as an exchange of information and ideas.

I can share with you some insights that I've gained on how to maintain or regain health both from observing Nature and from being on and observing others on the raw food diet and lifestyle.

Each body is unique and comes with its own set of genetic inheritances. Your genetic inheritance does not necessarily mean that your problem stems from genetics, but only that if your body was weaker from inheritance then it would start to break down sooner than your friends of the same age.

Age has nothing to do with the body's state of health, that is only a fabrication people have programmed themselves to believe. Of course this happened, from observing those around them, including themselves aging. But instead of looking for the real causes of aging (wrong diet, poor lifestyle choices, negative thinking, emotional intranquility, and in modern times, the increasingly polluted environment that we live in) they mistakenly attribute it only to the passage of years. There are at least five or more cultures that lived well over 100 years in excellent health, the men even fathering children. Hunza, of course, is one of them.

In my opinion depending on lifestyle choices, a body is either aging or rejuvenating, there is no standing still, you are either going one way or the other. So, I do agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Cousens that a body can rejuvenate itself.

In order to rejuvenate, you must choose Nature's way, because you are Nature made and so must abide by her laws. This means a lot of things, but the foundation is – for a Live and healthy body, you must consume Live food. Dead food, heated above 105° to 118° F has no way of nourishing a living body. Humans are the only species on this planet that try to nourish themselves with dead foods, and they certainly suffer the consequences for it.

You can put the aloe vera on, I do not know about the effectiveness of that, but you are right to think that this does not solve the inner problem of what is creating the spots to begin with.

A forty day fast seems too radical to me for someone that has been on a Standard American Diet (minus meat) but you could work yourself up to a point where you could try a fast.

Below are some suggestions on what I would do if I were you. All of the below is aimed at detoxing the body so that it will begin the healing process. Just like when you cut your finger, nothing that you put ON it actually heals it (it might disinfect it) – but the process of healing is initiated by your own body from within. In the same way, if we remove some of the accumulated toxicity from the system which is impeding the normal functioning, then the body can begin to do its job again effectively. The body in its wisdom always is working towards excellent health. Most of the time however, we work against ourselves by the food and lifestyle choices that we make.

1) Read as many books on the raw diet and lifestyle as possible, as well as books on health in general.

2) Begin by adding as many fresh raw and organic fruits and vegetables into your diet as possible and then gradually increase the percentages. Be very careful about the oil that you consume. Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Flaxseed oil is good. (Get oils that are bottled in dark bottles to prevent light damage to the oil.) For the balance of the diet, stick to what is considered to be healthy vegetarian food. Cut out the deadly whites – white flour, white sugar, white bread (actually any bread) cornstarch, baking powder, refined bleached oils. No canned or packaged or processed or genetically engineered food. You get the picture. Of course in my view the aim would be for 100% raw food, but that is an individual choice.

3) Go to an Institute that teaches the raw food lifestyle. In these institutes the curriculum consists of classes on all the aspects of caring for your body – physically, mentally and spiritually. If you found my email from my website, you can go back to the website and look under the links section for schools and institutes. I've been to the Ann Wigmore in Puerto Rico, The Optimum in San Diego and Hippocrates in Florida and can recommend them all. I like the one in Puerto Rico the best because of the loving atmosphere and also because they are right next to the ocean and there is ripe tropical fruit, energy soup, green coconut water and fresh air. However the other two are excellent as well. Another advantage of going to an Institute, if at all possible, is that you will be supported there by the staff and other people who are going through the same detoxification process as you are.

4) When you feel ready, perhaps after two months on the fruits and vegetables, then try a fast. But instead of fasting on just plain filtered water, try fasting on the water of green water coconuts. I know that they are available in the Miami area.

5) Breathe fresh air. Do get some sunshine on your body.

6) Some other ways to assist the detox: saunas, colonics, body brushing, hatha yoga exercises, other kinds of exercises, particularly good is the mini-trampoline.

Hope this has given you some food for thought.

Many blessings and a prayer for your renewed health and youth.


In a message dated 11/23/01 10:22:41 PM, T. writes:

Dear Rhio,

It means so much to me that you took the time to respond to my inquiries about my age spots and other health problems. You are very kind!

I will heed your suggestions, and look forward to receiving your monthly Raw Energy Hotline. My goal is not simply to repair all the damage I've foolishly done to my body, but to actually reverse the aging process itself–ultimately conquering death itself. I'm convinced that my foolishness was MEANT to turn me in this direction.

I completely realize, however, that no amount of diet changing ALONE will help me to achieve such lofty goals. People have been aging and dying since the beginning of time, and it's going to take a MAJOR adjustment in my thought processes and BELIEFS to do what I want to do. But what a challenge! Who wants to get old and die? Certainly not ME! That's what everyone ELSE does. How boring! It's time for something different. I spent the first 40 years of my life destroying my body. I'm spending the next 40 years cleaning up and TRANSMUTING it!

Thanks again for your help!


Dear T,

If you go back to Nature's Way, as I'm sure you will, and then serve as a shining example for others of her simplicity and power, then my small contribution will have been blessed a thousand times over.

My thoughts are with you.


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