It’s So Hard To Watch Him Eat Bad Things!

In a message dated 10/29/01 8:24:49 AM, Robin writes:

Hi Rhio,

I admire you so much! It is awesome how you developed a whole cuisine for Leigh, when he wasn't into raw vegan.

Here I am visiting my parents and I'm wanting to make all the food for them, to convert them (or at least make sure they are eating well while I am visiting). But instead, they are in their usual routine. They do eat a lot of salad, but they also eat cheese, ice cream, white flour products, sugar, cool whip, products with transfats, etc. When we go to the supermarket, my father puts whatever cookies, dairy products, etc. into the shopping cart. I feel like I am the mother and he is the little boy, but he has the power and I don't over what he will eat. He dismisses anything I tell him, saying he doesn't believe it. Now he has an upper respiratory infection, and the doctor has him on antibiotics. (He also takes a slew of other medications, for diabetes, etc.) It is so hard to watch him eat bad things! I did make a delicious raw apple pie, which he loves, but my mother made her famous ice cream and chocoate candy cake, for which my pie is no competition.

from NYC

In a message dated 10/30/01 5:05:00 AM, R hotline writes:

Dear Robin,

Well, thank you, but I did it out of love, so it was easy – I wanted to do it. And Leigh was also willing to give it a try. I'm not saying Leigh was easy – oh no – he was a pain sometimes. He was fussy and didn't like a lot of stuff, but even though it was a tussle, we finally evolved some recipes that keep him happy and healthy.

Family can be tough and it's hard for them to change their ways. Believe me, I know from experience in my own family what you are going through. It's only natural when you discover something great to want to share it with those you love, but family can be indifferent and even hostile to your ideas.

Even though it's very hard, as you say, you have to learn to let go. It took me a while, but I finally did learn to do it. People make their own decisions. I make mine. The only thing left to do is to be an example. By living close to Nature and abiding by her laws, you will personify her power through your beautiful skin, shining eyes, unlimited energy and peaceful heart (among numerous other benefits).

Watching people you love slowly fade away is heartbreaking, but we have to respect their right to choose, even if their choices are hurting them.

I firmly believe that a majority of people would not make poor choices regarding their health if early on they had the correct information and training. One of my goals is to make the raw food lifestyle teachings more generally available and out there, so that people don't perceive them to be such a "way out in left field" concept.

In my vision, one day, raw food will be as accepted as brushing your teeth and taking a daily bath or shower.

Hold that thought!


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