Is Seitan Raw?

On Apr 24, 2008, at 9:17 AM, Tina wrote:

Hi Rhio,

I am working to implementing a near 85% raw food diet and wanted to ask if seitan is considered a raw food. I think i read that processed foods are a no-no but I need something to ease me out of live meats. Is seitan considered a gray area or is it an absolute no?

Please let me know! love your site. It is incredibly informative.



Dear Tina,

Congratulations on your endeavor.

Seitan is not a raw food product. I would not even consider it a transition food because it is made of wheat gluten which is allergy producing for many people… sometimes you may not even be aware that you have an allergy to wheat. Seitan is a NO on the raw food diet.

In my book Hooked on Raw, I have two or three meat-like recipes. One is called Neat Loaf and the other is Buckwheat Quinoa Burger and then there is the Chili Non-Carne. These might be somewhat satisfying until you lose your taste for meat.

Many other raw food recipe books have recipes that simulate the flavor of meat to help you wean yourself from cow or other animal meat.

With blessings,


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